Ex-Police Chief Frank Nucera of Bordentown Township, New Jersey, Shows Us What About Bordentown??? Oh…I know. It’s Pretty Enough On The Outside, But, Racist As Hell…On The Inside.

BORDENTOWN TOWNSHIP…  Located in South Jersey, was settled in 1682.   Famous people like Francis Hopkinson (signer of the Declaration of Independence) & Thomas Paine (Published 1st pamphlet in 1776… “Common Sense”… to advocate American independence) & Clara Barton (founder of the American Red Cross)…called it home.  Today…

It’s a 100% urban area with a population of approximately 11,935 (give or take a few folks).  Mostly…White folk.  Approximately, 76 percent of the residents in Bordentown are White while approximately 9 percent are Black.

I live in a rural area but, looking at some pictures of downtown Bordentown, it reminds me a lot of our downtown area here…in Easton, Maryland.  Oh, for sure…it looks very pretty…on the outside.   But, lets dig a little deeper & see what we find on the inside…of Bordentown.

On Wednesday, November 1, 2017…acting New Jersey U.S. Attorney, William E. Fitzpatrick, held a news conference where he stated… “The tone in which he conducted himself in those conversations and in the event that is charged is one of the most disturbing and disgusting events I’ve seen in over 20 years in law enforcement.”

So, who & what…was he talking about???  He was talking about Frank Nucera, former Police Chief of Bordentown Township.   He was referencing the conversations that Frank Nucera had, while the Bordentown Police Chief, where he clearly expressed his views about Black folk in the following manner…

I wish that nigger would come back from Trenton and give me a reason to put my hands on him, I’m tired of ‘em. These niggers are like ISIS, they have no value. They should line them all up and mow ‘em down. I’d like to be on the firing squad, I could do it. I used to think about if I could shoot someone or not, I could do it, I’m tired of it.”  (November 2015)

When the Bordentown Township Police Department provided security for high school basketball games, Frank Nucera, ordered his Police officers to racially discriminate in the use of police dogs for the purpose of  intimidating African Americans.  For example, Police Chief Nucera instructed police officers to bring canines to certain games and to position the canine vehicles at the entrance to the gymnasium in order to intimidate African-American patrons.

When directing one of his police officers to walk a police dog through an apartment complex, Nucera said… “let these fucking moulies see him. Let ‘em see him. I don’t care.” (April 30, 2016)

After participating in the arrest of an 18-year old Black male, who failed to pay for a hotel room the night before at the Bordentown Ramada Hotel, Nucera said, the following about the Black male and his 16-year old Black female companion… “I’m fucking tired of them man. I’ll tell you what, it’s gonna get to the point where I could shoot one of these motherfuckers. And that nigger bitch lady, she almost got it.” (September 1, 2016)


All of these conversations, by Frank Nucera, were secretly recorded by a fellow Bordentown Police Officer.  They are contained in the criminal complaint filed against Frank Nucera on October 31, 2017. They arrested his ass on Wednesday, November 1, 2017. He is charged with 2 counts.  Count 1 is a “hate crime.”  Remember, the 18-year old Black male I mentioned…   The feds are charging Nucera with slamming this young Black man’s head into a metal door jamb, while he was already hand-cuffed &…not resisting arrest.  And, they are saying that Nucera did this shit purely because…this young man is Black.  Count 2 is “Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law.” At a federal court hearing held on Wednesday, November 1, 2017, Nucera was granted release on $500,000 unsecured bond.   Nucera, if convicted, is looking at a maximum of 20 years in prison and $500,000 in fines.  So…

What do we know about this man called…Frank Nucera???   According to The Inquirer, Daily News philly…Frank Nucera is… “is a fixture in his South Jersey community: a longtime resident, a law enforcement officer who climbed the ranks to the top spot, township administrator, businessman.”   Up until January 2017, Nucera had been on the Bordentown police department for 34 years.  In addition to being the Police Chief, he was also the Township Administrator for Bordentown, New Jersey. His salary was reported to be $ 151,418.31 per year.  He retired after the federal investigation started.  O.k…  Let’s check out the powers and duties this man also had as the Town Administrator of Bordentown, New Jersey.

As Town Administrator of Bordentown, New Jersey…it’s Municipal Code gave Nucera the following powers and duties:

2.16.020 General powers and duties.

The administrator shall be the chief executive officer of the township and shall act as agent of the of its policies and the administration of township business. He or she shall perform the following duties:

Direct and supervise the various departments, divisions and offices;

Consult with and advise the various boards, commissions, officers, agencies and instrumentalities which are not part of a department division or office;

Enforce, as to all township employees, all personnel policies and regulations of the township insofar as such policies and regulations affect them;

Advise the township committee and all township officers on all matters of policy, including but not limited to adoption and revision of ordinances and resolutions; budgeting and finance; administrative organization; personnel management; intermunicipal and intergovernmental relations; and public relations;

Prepare and submit the township’s annual budget and capital budget to the township committee after conducting interdepartmental review and integration of departmental budget requests, and upon adoption of the budget, implement the budget process in accordance with N.J.S.A. 40A:4-1 et seq.;

Direct and control township purchasing and oversee and administer various contracts for the provision of services to the township;

Represent the township and act as its spokesman before federal, state, and other local agencies and governments, in business transactions, and in public and private meetings;

Interpret township policies, plans, ordinances, rules, regulations and problems to citizens, interested persons and the press;

Approve in advance of implementation all internal administrative rules, regulations and policies;

Prepare the agenda, review correspondence and arrange informal meetings and conferences of the township committee;

Carry out official actions of the township committee through correspondence, review of minutes, and personal contact;

Act as liaison between the township committee, the township attorney and the township engineer in their respective operating and policy contacts;

Receive, distribute and follow-up questions and comments on various problems presented by interested citizens;

Perform such other duties as shall by resolution or ordinance be delegated to him or her from time to time by the Committee.

Establish a purchase order system for controlling and maintaining expenditures within budget appropriations or appropriations authorized by ordinance or other statutory authorization. The purchase order system established shall be compatible with the encumberance system established by the township treasurer;

Direct and control expenditures through the review and approval of all purchase orders prior to submission to the township treasurer for encumberance against the appropriate appropriation;

Provide information to and assist the township accountant, attorney and bond counsel in the preparation of bond or capital ordinances or other financing instruments, and the offering and sale of bonds or notes authorized to finance various projects.”

Do you see???  Nucera was basically the “CEO” of the Bordentown…township.  In other words, this ^%$#@ was running things.  Think about it.   He was ALSO…the Chief of Police while he was the Town Administrator.  Now, at first glance…this concerns me.  Why??? That’s too much got damn power…sitting in one set of pants.    Read the above-stated duties & powers…again & again.    Nucera, just as the “Town Adminstrator”…prepared the annual township Budget…controlled & administered township purchasing contracts…enforced, as to all township employees, all personnel policies and regulations of the township…interpreted township policies, plans, ordinances, rules, regulations and problems to citizens, interested persons and the press.

O.k…  Now, let’s go through this a little slower.   If Nucera (and he did) prepared the annual township Budget…this means…he controlled the MONEY coming in and going out of Bordentown.     If Nucera (and he did)  controlled & administered township purchasing contracts…this means…he controlled who got the municipal contracts granted to them.   Oooooh, just a thought…   I bet it wasn’t hardly…if any, Black service providers getting any of those Bordentown contracts.   What do you think???  Let’s keep going.   If Nucera (and he did) enforced, as to all township employees, all personnel policies and regulations of the township…this means…he controlled a major aspect of these township employees’ jobs.  He was essentially the head of human resources in terms of how an employee’s actions were punished or not punished…according to personnel policies and regulations of the township.  He was the “enforcer” of these personnel policies and regulations in regards to these township employees.  Lets keep going…

If Nucera (and he did) interpreted township policies, plans, ordinances, rules, regulations and problems to citizens, interested persons and the press…this means…he controlled the information being given to the citizens of the township, interested parties and to the press.   In other words, he controlled the “message.”  There is a saying… “whoever controls the message controls the masses.”   It is telling us that whoever is in control of putting out “information” to the people…can put whatever spin they want on the “information”… to persuade people to believe their version of the events/circumstances that lie behind the “information.”  And, guess who else was a master at this type of information control & manipulation???  Adolf Hitler & his minion…Joseph Goebbels, a master propagandist.  An evil-ass spider who weaved his webs of deceit…throughout Nazi Germany.  The BBC reports… “Josef Goebbels was appointed Minister of Propaganda in 1933 and aimed to brainwash people into obeying the Nazis and idolising Hitler.”  Facing History and Ourselves reports… “Hitler demonstrated his belief that controlling information was as important as controlling the military and the economy. He appointed Josef Goebbels to direct this department. Goebbels’s strategy as Propaganda Minister was guided by the maxim, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”  O.k…

When questioned about Police Chief Nucera’s behavior…Bordentown’s Mayor, Stephen Benowitz, said in an official statement… “It is important to note that these charges began from a self-reported complaint from within the township police department. The township has moved forward with new leadership that promotes community, inclusion, and equality.  The specifics of the charges, all of which we are hearing and reading for the first time are abhorrent, and the Township fully supports the U.S. Attorney in this process.

My response to Mayor Steve Benowitz is this… “SHUT UP!  JUST SHUT THE #$%# UP!  You say that… “the township has moved forward with new leadership that promotes community, inclusion and equality.”  I ask you this question…dear Mayor…   Why the hell weren’t you trying to promote “community, inclusion and equality“…before your Police Chief’s ass got caught…doing his dirt???  I’ll answer it for you.  Because, birds of a feather flock together.  You & Nucera are of like minds.  That’s why you all…in good ole “Bordentown”…didn’t see “inclusion” and “equality” as something to promote in your township.   And…now you’ve got the NERVE to say that the charges are…how did you put…yeah… “Abhorrent.”  Well, for me what is “abhorrent” is the fact that you…YES, YOU…let this shit go on.  You see Mr. Mayor…I know that you didn’t just come to the Bordentown township, yesterday.   You’ve been around the Bordentown block awhile…yourself.  You’ve lived there for decades.  Let’s see…   You were elected to the Township committee in 2012.  Now, as a member of the Township committee, you appointed the Town Administrator.  Besides, being the Police Chief, Frank Nucera, was also your Town Administrator.  You were also elected as the Mayor, previously, in 2014.  So, you too…let Nucera exercise all kinds of powers…without any checks & balances.”  Now…

How Frank Nucera was acting also was not a surprise to the Black folks who live in nearby Trenton, New Jersey.   Not at all.  Trenton, New Jersey, is about 6 miles from Bordentown with a population that’s about 50% Black.  On November 1, 2017, The Trentonian reported… “Trenton residents have feared driving through predominantly white Bordentown Township in Burlington County for years.”  Remember, what I told you Nucera said… “I wish that nigger would come back from Trenton and give me a reason to put my hands on him, I’m tired of ‘em.”   You know…

This kind of talk and behavior, by Frank Nucera,  makes me think of Bull Conner, Police Commissioner, using fire hoses and dogs against Black folk in the Birmingham, Alabama, in the 60’s.   On May 3, 2012, the New York Daily News reported… “From May 2 to May 10, 1963, the nation bore witness as police in Birmingham, Ala., aimed high-powered hoses and sicced snarling dogs on black men, women and even children who wanted just one thing — to be treated the same as white Americans.” So, you see…

As God tells us… What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9) In other words…  Racism existed, then…racism, for damn sure…exists now.   Just…a different day…a different face.

You know…it’s been a long, long time since I have even found it necessary to form the “why?” question…regarding this kind of thing.  Yeah…   Why, ask why??? The Heavenly Father has already opened my eyes…to truth.  And, the truth of this…is this…  Without God’s presence within a being…to fill it with love…what’s left, but hate.  God says…there are only 2 choices.  And, when we choose love, we choose Him. When we choose hate…we choose the devil.  And, we don’t even have to guess at the choice that Frank Nucera made.

Through his statements, through his other physical actions…this man reveals to us what he is about.  I know that this man is not…a man…of God.  Jesus…says… “16 You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles? 17 In the same way, every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus you will know them by their fruits.” (Mark 7:15-20) So…  A human being who speaks of things like… “slaughtering human beings”…just because, speaks…no good thing.  A human being who sees “no value” in another human being…based on the color of their skin…is blind to God.  From God’s perspective…  Frank Nucera, is a bad tree…bearing bad fruit.   This is a man who is following his father…the Devil.  And, this means what for us???

It means that we must be vigilant…in fighting against the evil people who try to crush God’s children.   It means that the Nucera’s in this world, must be constantly prayed against…by asking God to handle His business.  For no sin, goes unpunished.  God can’t lie. And, you see…  Every time the word… “nigger”…was thought of and/or released from his mouth, Nucera…sinned against God.  Why???  Because when Nucera thought or spoke the word… “nigger”…it was 100% wrapped…in pure…unadulterated…HATE.  A HATE…spawned from the Devil…himself.

It means that we must stand strong & be courageous…in exposing these human devils to the world.  Even, if we risk everything, we must…do it.  Now, don’t think that I don’t understand.  I do know that it can be very difficult to overcome the fears & concerns of the flesh to do what God requires of us.  I know it takes courage & a strength of heart…that only comes from God.  So, I am thankful to God for the one who finally exposed Nucera’s dirt to the world.  The one who secretly recorded him and took that information to the federal authorities. On November 1, 2017, The Trentonian reported… “The officer told the feds he began recording his boss because he became “increasingly alarmed” by Nucera’s “racist remarks and hostility toward African-Americans.””  Without, God’s children doing what God expects, nothing much…changes.   But, because Nucera was exposed, he is no longer Police Chief in Bordentown.   He is no longer the Town Administrator.  This wicked and evil man was removed from these positions of power.  THANK GOD!!!  O.k…

Even though Nucera is gone…my question is this…  If Nucera felt this way…while he was the Police Chief…how much racist shit did he ALLOW other officers to GET AWAY with.   WHO ELSE…STILL WORKS…within that police department WHO FEELS the way Nucera does about Black Folk???  That’s what needs to be investigated and found out.  There is a reason that Nucera felt so COMFORTABLE to say what he said…& do what he did.  There is a saying… “one monkey don’t stop no show.”  So, who else is left, with that same EVIL ASS HEART???  WHO??? Who is still wearing badges…carrying guns…with a heart who sees BLACK…as the bulls eye???  I will tell you this much…   Frank Nucera’s son…is STILL a police officer with the Bordentown Police Department.  Take it for what it’s worth.  O.k…

Frank Nucera was saying what he said…& doing what he did…for a LOOOOOONG got damn time.   He’s been doing it & other police officers…& other leaders in that South Jersey community have sat their complicit asses there…& did NOTHING…TO STOP IT!  So…  Those *%$#*xx are just as BAD.     Just as rotten. Think about it…   Nucera was running his ass around saying shit like…  “They should line them all up and mow ‘em down. I’d like to be on the firing squad, I could do it.”  Now, he wasn’t just saying this…to sound like the big man…on the block.  HELL NO!  He said it because he meant every word of it.   YES!  He sees Black folk…as nothing.  Not my words…but, his.   They got his ass on tape…saying what he said. O.k…

Does this “mow ’em down” shit…sound familiar???  Well, it does to me.   Hitler did the same damn thing OVER…& OVER & OVER…to Jewish people in Nazi Germany.   That twin of the Devil…ORDERED…Jewish people to be mowed down…like blades of grass.   Their flesh…was just…shredded to pieces.   The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum tells of us about one such account… “On September 21, 1941, the eve of the Jewish New Year, a mobile killing squad entered Ejszyszki, a small town in what is now Lithuania. The killing squad members herded 4,000 Jews from the town and the surrounding region into three synagogues, where they were held for two days without food or water. Then, in two days of killing, Jewish men, women, and children were taken to cemeteries, lined up in front of open pits, and shot to death.”  These were HUMAN BEINGS…people!!!   People who were…also…CREATIONS…of God.   Who gave that  &^%$  the right???  God surely DIDN’T!   Without a doubt…Nucera has the same damn mind-set…as Adolf Hitler.  Now…

My biggest concern is that there are many, many, many hearts…just like Nucera’s in this country of ours.  And, the many that I am speaking of…totals into the millions.  These are hearts that believe that Black folk are…worthless.   Hearts that believe that Black folk…should be mowed down…like Hitler did to the Jewish people…in Germany.  And, for what???  JUST FOR BEING BLACK…IN AMERICA!  These are hearts that beat…in tune…with God’s number one enemy…the Devil.   And, since the Devil is capable of doing the most EVIL of deeds…then, got damn it…so, are they.   It doesn’t matter that these bastards are attending the same PTA meetings as Black folk, Hispanic folk, Jewish folk…at local schools.   It doesn’t matter that these bastards are attending the same little league games…as Black folk, Hispanic folk & Jewish folk.  It doesn’t matter that these bastards have the audacity to sit their asses in church on Sundays…pretending to be…what they are…NOT.  What matters is this…   We need to know who the %$#^ we are dealing with.  KNOW YOUR ENEMIES.    People like Nucera will sit there asses right beside you…with phony ass smiles…PRETENDING…to be congenial.  PRETENDING…to be civil.   But, I tell you what…

Ain’t a got damn thing CIVIL about how the DEVIL rolls.  Nothing.   He is ruthless.  He is vicious.  He is cruel.  And, his human workers…like Nucera…act the same got damn way.   Meaning??? They will do the same vicious & vile acts…as the Devil.  And, remember, the number one aim of the Devil, is to kill & destroy God’s children.  So… Don’t let those fake ass smiles…fool you.

These human devils MUST be identified & exposed at every turn.   God’s children must have the heart to stand-up and tell the truth about these devils.  Why???  Because God is also watching how His children react…under such circumstances.   Oh!  And, don’t think for one moment that those police officers, who are God’s children, who stood their asses by & said…& did NOTHING…went unnoticed by God.  Hell No!  They will be punished.  OH…you can bet on it.   Their silence is…SIN…in the sight of God.   He knows that they knew to do better, but, failed to do so.  They knew speaking out against Nucera…years ago…was the right thing to do.   Years ago.   But, many DID NOT!   Why?  To get along…by going along.  They didn’t want to make waves.  Think about this…  What if Jesus had felt the same way…when He walked this earth as a man???  What if He said… “I ain’t gonna fight and stand-up for what’s right.”   Where the hell would WE ALL be right now???  I’ll tell you.    WE ALL would be LOST…& HELL BOUND!    Jesus was tested by the Heavenly Father & Jesus did the right thing.   Those police officers who saw the racist actions of Nucera…& failed to turn his ass in…did the wrong thing.  They too were tested by God…but, unlike Jesus…they failed.    Shame–On–Them!

Iris R. Whiting ©


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