Merry Christmas!!!

Dear Heavenly Father,

It’s just me…Father.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!   I wanted to thank You for being You.  I wanted to thank You for giving me the most blessed & beautiful gift I could ever have received.    There will never be a gift that is more meaningful & more precious to me…in this one & only lifetime of mine.   And, that gift was You…in the flesh.  The gift of Jesus…Father.   You as the most giving…selfless…& loving being that ever has…or… ever will…exist.  And, Jesus is the gift that just keeps right on…giving.

He gave me the ability to be reconciled with You…&…my reconciliation has brought me a joy that is truly…unspeakable.  No human words…can convey it.  None!  Father, I feel as though I have Christmas every single day.  How can I not???  Your presence…is a daily gift…that fills every nook & cranny of my heart.  MY GOODNESS!!!  All I want to do is sit at Your feet.

When You said that my cup would overflow…those weren’t just empty words.   What human can bring such a joy to another??? I dare say…NONE!   What human can bring such peace to a heart…in such a cruel…harsh world??? Again, I dare say…NONE!   The words to the song… “REST YE MERRY GENTLEMEN”…come to mind.  It says…

“God rest ye merry gentlemen                                                                                                             Let nothing you dismay                                                                                                             Remember Jesus Christ our Savior                                                                                                      Was born on Christmas day                                                                                                                 To save us all from Satan’s power                                                                                                  When we were gone astray                                                                                                                      Oh tidings of comfort and joy
Comfort and joy                                                                                                                                        Oh tidings of comfort and joy”

Father, the gift that I pray for all of Your children, this beautiful Christmas day, is for them to come into close relationship with You.  In this way, they can have the “comfort & joy” that only You can give.  A “comfort & joy”… so pure & true…that it truly passes all human understanding.

I’ll love You forever & always.

Your daughter,

Iris R. Whiting ©

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