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A “Spiritually Dead Man”… IS…A “Dead Man Walking.” Walls…OR…No Walls.

Dead Man Walking” is how condemned prison inmates are described when they make that final walk…to be executed.   Well…  Imprisoned or not…millions & millions of people are the “walking dead.”  And, NO…I’m not talking about that …

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TUPAC Echoes… What GOD Says To His Children, “YES…Life Can Be Very Difficult. But Still…KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!”

thefivestairstepsO-o-h Child”… is an old school song sung by The Five Stairsteps.    It came out in the late summer of 1971.    It really just speaks to you… with the words, “O-o-h child things are gonna get

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Workplace “Back-Stabbers”: “Back-Stabbers”…Your Enemies at Work. So…Keep Your Head Up & Watch Your Back!!!

As the Song says: “What they do.  They smile in your face…all the time workplacebackstabbing6they want to take your place. The Backstabbers. Backstabbers.” Now…Here is a simple truth.  People are the same wherever you go.   And…the workplace is …

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Our Heavenly Father Wants You to Know This: “If He Is For You…Then, No One Can Prevail Against You”


You know what…Many moons ago, when I was really starting to understand who I was, in moonlitnight2terms of my relationship with my Heavenly Father, I didn’t quite accept the possibility of attacks coming against me.    What I mean is …

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