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Republican Presidential Nomination: Oh My!… Yippee!!! The Field Has Whittled Down to 3… “Trump…Cruz…& Kasich.” It Is So Damn Crazy. I Don’t Know Whether To Cry Like A Baby…OR… Laugh My Ass Off


To put it lightly…this whole political season is “crazy” as Hell.  Hands Down!  O.k.   If you know anything about Donald Trump…he’s pretty consistent at being an ass…a sexist…a racist…anti-this…anti-that…blah, blah, blah, blah…blah.   You get the point.   Who …

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Trump Supporters & Protesters Clash Violently in Chicago… Rally Postponed: Donald Trump cries “I’m A Victim…My 1st Amendment Rights Were Violated.” I Say…”Victim My Ass. You Started This Shit!!!”

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Last night…in & around the University of Illinois at Chicago,  thousands of people were waiting for a Donald Trump rally to start.   There appeared to be trumprallychicago2100’s of protesters in the crowd.   Before Trump entered the Pavilion,  his campaign …

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