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FRANCE – PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: Yes!!! CRAZY is going on EVERYWHERE. So… Pay Attention People!!! Watch What Happens In These Elections…World Wide. It Will Tell You Who Is For God…& Who Is Against Him???

STRAIGHT UP!!!   I have noticed in no uncertain terms that…people are worried as hell.   People are depressed…   People are afraid…  People are anxious…  People are going in circles…  People are on edge…  People just seem dazed…  EVERYWHERE!  Oh My Dear …

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Syrian Refugees In “Crisis” are Asking: “O’ Brother, Where art Thou???”


In March 2011, an anti-regime uprising led to an all out civil war in Syria.   It is strenuously argued that it was the absolute brutality of Syria’s President, Bashar al-assad, that brought about the uprising to begin with.     While he …

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