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Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump: Trump Announces his grand Tax Plan. Who…Who…Does it benefit says Mr. Owl??? Probably Not You…That’s Who

trumptaxplantalkYou know what??? God is so full of mercy. Yes…He…Is!    He let them make televisions where we can see the people…but, we can’t reach them.   And, I truly thank him for that. Because if televisions were made where you could …

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Pope Francis: Ask us to restore hope & right wrongs. Can we do this?…Can a Camel fly?


O.k.   It was a whirl wind kind of week, last week, with Pope Francis coming to America. He touched many hearts & minds with the words of God.   On Thursday, he spoke at a joint meeting of Congress.  He emphasized …

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“Oh, It’s Not My Fault –The Devil Made Me Do It”: You’ve Got To Be Kidding… Right???


I was watching tv today & CNN was covering Pope Francis’ last mass in the United States. It took place in Philly.   Well, one of the priest commentators mentioned how some people will say, “The Devil Made Me Do It.”   …

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Pope Francis is Here & It’s On! God vs. Capitalism! Aw Sookie Sookie Now!


Yes…Pope Francis is here in the United States!   smilyface   People are coming out in droves to see him…to touch him.   Many are screaming his name…waiving their flags…just, smiling from ear to ear.   They see this as a once in a lifetime …

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Nation to Nation Cyber Spying & Hacking: “Peek A Boo…I See You” – “Oh Yeah?… Well, I See Your Ass…too.”




O.k., Chinese President Xi Jinping is visiting the United States this week.   Last week, at a conference held by the Business Roundtable,  President Obama said that his talks with President Xi Jinping will include cybersecurity.   Why?  Well, to put …

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14 Year Old Inventor, Ahmed Mohamed, Arrested: “Tick Tock”  “Tick Tock”… “Ooohhh, It’s Not a Bomb…It’s really Just a Clock?”

Image result for ahmed mohamed clock

Yes, It really is just a clock…just as Ahmed Mohamed told the Irving, Texas Police, over & over & over. On Monday, 9/14/15, 14-year old Ahmed Mohamed, took a home made digital clock to his Irving Texas High School

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Donald Trump to Mexican Immigrants: Trump basically says, “I’ll let you work for me, but…Your not good enough to live in the U.S. with me”

                                       “Bringing drugs” and “Bringing crime”

              “You have to Go”                                                        “We have to get them out”

These statements were recently made by Donald Trump about the 11 million people in this country (who are called “illegal immigrants”).   According to Trump, if …

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United Airline CEO Resigns: United…Why do you nickle and dime us to death, but…Give the store away to the privileged???


Guess What??? Jeff Smisek, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of United Airlines,   resigned Tuesday, 9/8/15, according to the New York Times.   Why?  The Feds are investigating those nickel & diming bastards for…oh, what is the word I’m looking for?…oh yeah,

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Vice President – Joseph Biden for President: Many are Saying, “Run JOE Run!”… Do they also think Hillary Clinton is Crazy?


With Hillary Clinton slipping down…                                                                                                                                                                 down…                                                                                                                                                                 down a never-ending slippery slope of polls, many people are trying to convince our Vice-President, Joe Biden, to jump into the race & fight to be the Democratic Presidential Nominee for President of the …

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Republican Presidential Nominee Candidate, Donald Trump… Says He Loves Everyone. Trump only loves himself &… you can take that to the bank (Part 2)


                                 How can a heart that’s filled with hate for someone, also,                                                               love that person?  It can’t…for there is no room left.

It seems like every time you turn around… Donald Trump is holding an impromptu press conference touting his love …

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