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Devil & Demons: Be Watchful & Be Aware! The Devil Never Sleeps. 24/7…He’s Trying To Kill All God’s Children!!!


O.k.  Let’s start here.  Jesus can’t lie!  He can’t…because he’s nothing but…the TRUTH.   Remember…He is God!   When He walked this earth in his humanly form…He warned us.  Jesus said, “16 See, I am sending you out like sheep

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Pope Francis is Here & It’s On! God vs. Capitalism! Aw Sookie Sookie Now!


Yes…Pope Francis is here in the United States!   smilyface   People are coming out in droves to see him…to touch him.   Many are screaming his name…waiving their flags…just, smiling from ear to ear.   They see this as a once in a lifetime …

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CATHOLICS: PRIEST & PHEDOPHILIA – You All Have A Special Place In Hell…Reserved


Ex-Archbishop and one time Vatican diplomat, Jozef Wesolowski,  is hospitalized right before he is suppose to go on trial, at the Vatican, for child molestation.   The trial was suspended on Saturday, July 11, 2015.  He abused numbers of children while …

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