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RACE IN AMERICA: President Obama Speaking on Race-Relations at the Memorial Service For Slain Dallas Officers – Says… “We Are Not As Divided As We Seem.” I Say “SURE…If the North Pole Touches the South Pole.”

Today, at the Memorial Service for the slain Dallas OfficersPresidentObamaMemorialServiceDallasOfficersPresident Obama said, “We know that bias remains in America.”     DAMN RIGHT it does.  A White male CNN commentator said that as he was leaving the Memorial …

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PARIS & MALI TERROR ATTACKS: SURE…Evil Attacked & Evil Killed. But…FEAR is not an OPTION!!!

Today, CNN, MSNBC, & other news broadcasters…told us about “the Breaking maliattacksNews” that happened in Mali today.   Gunmen stormed a hotel hosting diplomats & at least 21 people were killed in the attack.   Witnesses are saying that, “They were

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Spring Valley Black Student: She Won’t Listen—Put Down her Phone—or, Leave the Room. Still…I say DAMN!!! Did Any of her Pettiness Warrant… DRAGGING & A BODY SLAM???

springvalleyhighschoolO.k. Yall…Here’s what went down.

Yesterday, a Black female student, was in class at the Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina.   They’re saying that she refused to put down her cell phone when her teacher asked her to.   …

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Ahmed Mohamed – Arrested 14-year Old Inventor: Says “GOOD RIDDANCE” to Racist Ass U.S… & “HELLO to Qatar!!!”

UPDATE!!!!!   UPDATE!!!!!  UPDATE!!!

O.k.   Many, Many…Many people have been asking for an UPDATE on that genius young AhmedMohamed1man, AHMED MOHAMED, who was ARRESTED for bringing a homemade clock to school in Irving, Texas, last month.   Yes…Remember, the Irving Police arrested …

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14 Year Old Inventor, Ahmed Mohamed, Arrested: “Tick Tock”  “Tick Tock”… “Ooohhh, It’s Not a Bomb…It’s really Just a Clock?”

Image result for ahmed mohamed clock

Yes, It really is just a clock…just as Ahmed Mohamed told the Irving, Texas Police, over & over & over. On Monday, 9/14/15, 14-year old Ahmed Mohamed, took a home made digital clock to his Irving Texas High School

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