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EXTRA! EXTRA!: U.S. UPSET…WORLD CONFUSED!!! At Helsinki, Finland Summit With Russian President Vladimir Putin…Donald Trump Chooses His Heart Over His Country. What The Hell Did You Expect When You Made Gomer The President Of The United States???


This was the headline I read, when I started writing this post last night.   Well…

Is it true???   Yes.  It happened when Donald Trump met with

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If President Obama Had Made A “Whore House” Out Of The White House Like Donald Trump Is Doing …Republicans Would Have Called Him A “Dirty Black Pimp”…& Chased His Ass Out of Town.   But, With Trump…Many No Good Bastards Provide “Cover”…For His Pimping Ass.

Oh, My Goodness!  Where do we start…where do we start???  O.k…

Al Capone…ain’t got nothin’ on these corrupt ^%$#%^ who are running our government.   Shi-i-i-i-i-i-i-t!!!  You better not sleep with both eyes closed.  You will wake-up with your drawers …

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So…Who Lied & Said That “The Mafia” Is Dead??? Dead My Ass!!!… Donald Trump’s Administration Just Tossed 60 Of Vladimir Putin’s Russian Diplomats Out of America…Because Russia Poisoned 2 Residents Of Salisbury, England. If That Ain’t Some Gangsta Shit…Then, I Don’t Know What Is!!!

December 16, 1985 – Gun fire echos through the air & Big Paul Castellano, boss of the Gambino crime family…drops to the ground.    It was a cold blooded execution…for the whole world to see. (right – photo courtesy

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Donald Trump’s Former Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, Tells The French… “Let Your Racism Out! Let It All Hang Out!” O.k… America = Democracy & France = Democracy.  BUT… “Democracy” Doesn’t = No Racism…No Anti-Semitism…No Xenophobia. SH-I-I-I-I-T!!! Hate Is Kicking Its Ass Off…Much Farther Than “Sea to Shining Sea.”

Let them call you racists. Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativists. Wear it as a badge of honor!”  And…many in the crowd APPLAUDED!

Wear “racism”…as a badge of honor???  Even Scooby said…  “Huh???”  What we …

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Donald Trump Says To Africans…Haitians & El Salvadorians… “Stay Your Black & Brown Asses In Your Shithole Countries! Do Not “Pass Go”…& Come Here Unless Your A White Norwegian.”: I Respond… “Don’t Buy Into The Devil’s “White Supremacy” Bullshit. Remember… GOD Is The Only Supreme Being That Will Ever Exist!!!”

On January 11, 2018…Donald Trump hosted an Oval Office meeting with Congressional members where they discussed proposed deals regarding…U.S. immigration.   The Bi-Partisan group of Congressman in attendance, included:  Senator Lindsey Graham, (R – South Carolina); Senator

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FRANCE – PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: Yes!!! CRAZY is going on EVERYWHERE. So… Pay Attention People!!! Watch What Happens In These Elections…World Wide. It Will Tell You Who Is For God…& Who Is Against Him???

STRAIGHT UP!!!   I have noticed in no uncertain terms that…people are worried as hell.   People are depressed…   People are afraid…  People are anxious…  People are going in circles…  People are on edge…  People just seem dazed…  EVERYWHERE!  Oh My Dear …

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U.S. GOVERNORS to SYRIAN REFUGEES… “Don’t Bring Your Muslim Asses Here– We Don’t Want You!” And, I say to you Governors… “Shame on You… You Heartless Devils!”


31 of the Governors in the United States, vehemently oppose letting syrianrefugeeboatsSyrian Refugees into their states.   This kind of talk is a result of the recent ISIS attacks in Paris.  The Governors’ announcements came after authorities revealed that

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PARIS & MALI TERROR ATTACKS: SURE…Evil Attacked & Evil Killed. But…FEAR is not an OPTION!!!

Today, CNN, MSNBC, & other news broadcasters…told us about “the Breaking maliattacksNews” that happened in Mali today.   Gunmen stormed a hotel hosting diplomats & at least 21 people were killed in the attack.   Witnesses are saying that, “They were

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RIGHT NOW…As I write this post…Paris is turned upside down on it’s head.   People are running in every… which… way.  Why?   Terrorists attacked Paris & kept right eiffel toweron…attacking.  For sure.   There were multiple attacks & killings in central Paris tonight. …

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Syrian Refugees In “Crisis” are Asking: “O’ Brother, Where art Thou???”


In March 2011, an anti-regime uprising led to an all out civil war in Syria.   It is strenuously argued that it was the absolute brutality of Syria’s President, Bashar al-assad, that brought about the uprising to begin with.     While he …

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