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Verizon Workers…Strike: “Piss Poor” Wages = Hard Work Doesn’t Pay. Who Knew??? All Who Have Worked Their Asses Off… For Peanuts!!!

                                                   EXTRA! EXTRA!                                                   


A few days ago, approximately 40,000 Verizon Workers, from Virginia to verizonstrikersMassachusetts, went on strike.  These strikers  represent the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

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Workplace “Back-Stabbers”: “Back-Stabbers”…Your Enemies at Work. So…Keep Your Head Up & Watch Your Back!!!

As the O’Jays song goes: “What they do.  They smile in your face…all the time they want to take your place. The Backstabbers. Backstabbers.” Now…Here is a simple truth.  People are the same wherever you go.   And…the workplace …

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WORKPLACE GOING ALONG…TO…GET ALONG: In other words… “Kissing Ass”…to get Ahead. “What A Damn Shame!”


O.k…I have a question.   Since when…did “Ass Kissing” become such a normal & pervasive way of interacting in the workplace???    I’m COMPLETELY serious.   Now, don’t misunderstand…I’m sure it has existed almost since the beginning of time.  Really.   I know in …

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