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Dear Jesus:

Good Morning.   I have so much in my head that I want to say to you that it’s hard to get started.    Well…this is the day that we celebrate your birthday…so, Happy Birthday my dear loved one.    …

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PEACE ON EARTH: In the Midst of a Hellish World…How Do We Obtain & Hold Onto the Peace of God???


“Let there be peace on earth & let it begin with me”

Chaos, Craziness, Turmoil…

Terrorists, Police Brutality, School Shootings…

Piss Poor Wages, Hypocrisy, Fear driven Hate, Wall-Builders…

This is the way of the world.  This is the norm.   This …

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Martin Shkreli (Who tried to Fleece AIDS Patients) Arrested: “Oh, Dear Martin: What Goes Up…MUST…Come Down. And…Down, Down, Down Comes the Greedy-Ass Clown!”


I don’t know if you all remember or not, but this is what I talked about… in terms of what was going on with Martin Shkreli back in August 2015:

martin shkreli

In August 2015, Turing Pharmaceuticals, a start-up company,

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WORKPLACE GOING ALONG…TO…GET ALONG: In other words… “Kissing Ass”…to get Ahead. “What A Damn Shame!”


O.k…I have a question.   Since when…did “Ass Kissing” become such a normal & pervasive way of interacting in the workplace???    I’m COMPLETELY serious.   Now, don’t misunderstand…I’m sure it has existed almost since the beginning of time.  Really.   I know in …

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Donald Trump Mocks Disability of Serge Kovaleski : “Donald Trump…Oh, I know so well how you work for the devil, but, Mocking a Disability… You’ve even stooped to a lower level.”

Just when people thought that the devil couldn’t fall any lower…here comes devilfallingfromheaventhe Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, to prove them wrong.   This devilish ass has reached another low.   What has he done now??? Donald Trump has mocked

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