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Republican Presidential Nominee Candidate, Donald Trump… Says He loves Everyone. Trump loves only himself & … you can take that to the bank.


It seems very perplexing to some people that Donald Trump is polling as high as he is among Republicans.     The latest poll has him tied in Iowa with Ben Carson… both at 23%. Nothing is surprising about this.    If you …

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U.S. Stock Market: Appearing to Rebound??? This ride ain’t over yet folks…not by far.


O.k. This morning the New York Stock exchange appears to be bouncing back amid the crazy 1000 point fall… yesterday. Yes, it was just yesterday. Dow Jones is up about 300 points and S&P 500 has risen. I am listening …

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Christians & the U.S. Stock Market Plunge: God told me to remind you that He’s here & He never falls


With all the craziness in this world, sometimes we forget to look to God for our sanity.   In reality, that is the only place you will find it & keep it.  For sure.    You see…God taught me a long time …

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