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My people perish for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)  Not my words…   But, those spoken to us by the Heavenly Father.  Why???  Because every day…it seems that He is in a constant battle with us…to save …

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COME ON PEOPLE! If It Looks Like A Devil…Walks Like A Devil…& Talks Like A Devil… THEN, DAMN…IT AIN’T JESUS. So…Be Careful & Resist That Devil!

kingcobraO.k…   I have a question.  Would you go up to a “King Cobra” snake & try to pet it?  HELL NO!  Not…if you’ve got good sense.  Why? Because you know that would be extremely dangerous & potentially…deadly.   According to National

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Christina Grimmie Shot & Killed By Evil: OH…NO!!! Way Too Young To Lose… & Gone Way Too Soon.

christinagrimmieOn Saturday morning… I was just going through the channels to see what I could see.   And…I became… upset.  Why?  I had just heard that Christina Grimmie was shot & killed in Orlando, Florida.  The police said that Christina was …

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“Steve Harvey Morning Show” – Dear Mr. Harvey: Would You Pleeeease Stop Talking Crazy! Obedience To God… Gets Prayers Answered. Not, Reciting Some Damn Wish List

A few days ago, someone told me that she had recently listened to the Steve steveharveyHarvey Morning Show where he instructed them on how to get what they wanted from God.  He told them to make a list of what …

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“PRINCE ROGERS NELSON”: Why We Mourn Him So??? A “Beautiful One”… Truly!…Sent From God

PrinceabcnewsPrince Rogers Nelson… Where do I begin???  You know…it’s very, very, veeerrrry hard even trying to write this. (&… “trying” is the operative term) I’ve known about the spirit we call “Prince” since I was a teenager.  I was …

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Ariana Grande “I Hate America – I Hate Americans”: Girl, You can’t eat the cookies in the jar, enjoy them… then complain



My Dear Ariana…we need to talk.  It appears you have been really busy girl… pissing people off.   I heard (oh yeah.. & saw on camera) that recently, while you were at Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, Caliornia,  that you

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