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Devil & Demons: Be Watchful & Be Aware! The Devil Never Sleeps. 24/7…He’s Trying To Kill All God’s Children!!!


O.k.  Let’s start here.  Jesus can’t lie!  He can’t…because he’s nothing but…the TRUTH.   Remember…He is God!   When He walked this earth in his humanly form…He warned us.  Jesus said, “16 See, I am sending you out like sheep

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WITCHCRAFT: “Root Working”– As Prevalent as Ever today…&… Just as Deadly!!!

You know…growing up, my daddy use to tell us all kinds of stories about his life.   And…a lot of those stories dealt with the supernatural &  other things that most adults don’t tell witchflyingacrossmoon2young folk about.  Why don’t they say …

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“I Prayed & I Prayed…Why Didn’t God Answer Me???”: God Is Not A Whore!


lifeishardwallYou know something?…I interact with a lot of people on a regular basis.   There are a lot of angry ass people out there.   There are a lot of hurting people out there.  Why?  The issues of life.   Make no …

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“Oh, It’s Not My Fault –The Devil Made Me Do It”: You’ve Got To Be Kidding… Right???


I was watching tv today & CNN was covering Pope Francis’ last mass in the United States. It took place in Philly.   Well, one of the priest commentators mentioned how some people will say, “The Devil Made Me Do It.”   …

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Ashley Madison Married Cheaters Website: Hacked & Now…Cheaters are literally Crying the Blues


O.k. guys.  Ashley Madison is a website whose purpose, in part,  is to facilitate cheating by married people.  Yes…let me say it again.  Ashley Madison is a website whose purpose is to facilitate cheating by married people.   Now, it has …

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Don’t believe the hype… People are under some illusion that God doesn’t talk to His       children today like He did in olden times.   This lie is even told by Pastors, Priests, Reverends, Chaplains, & whatever else they call themselves these …

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