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99% OF CONGRESSIONAL REPUBLICANS HAVE SOLD THEIR ROTTEN ASS SOULS TO THE DEVIL:  Soooo… If You Are Waiting For Them To Save Us From Donald Trump, Jesus Will Have Returned & Left…Again.

O.k…  I just have to say it.   I JUST DO!!! At least…99% of the Republicans in Congress are just no…got…damn…good!!!  Isn’t that sad to have to say.  But, God knows…  I’m telling you the truth.  While they are suppose to …

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Dear Republican Representatives & Senators: “So…It’s Like That??? You Will Jeopardize Millions Of Lives…Just To Prove…You Pissed On “ObamaCare.”

“You are killing people!”

“You are systematically killing people!”

“Health care is a human right!”

Protesters…yelled out…these statements through the halls of Congress…in protest of the health care bill passed by the House of Representatives &…the health care bill the …

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Donald Trump… “45th President-Elect”: So,Tell Me This… Why In The Hell Is There All This “Congratulating” Of Donald Trump??? Jesus…WOULDN’T!!!


Unless you were kidnapped by Bigfoot…& dragged off into a Himalayan cave…you should know by now that Donald Trump is the 45th President-Elect of the United States.    Once this was announced, all kinds of people started coming out…congratulating …

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fbidirectorjamescomeyO.k…    Remember, earlier in this political campaign season, the FBI investigated the fact that Hillary Clinton had a private e-mail server while she was the Secretary of State.    The concern was whether she had committed any crimes in having …

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Someone is Crying-Out… “THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!” And This Time…It Ain’t Chicken Little. HELL NO!!! Republican Leaders Are FREAKING THE HELL OUT!!! Why??? A 2005 Video Shows Donald Trump Admitting To Being A “SEXUAL PREDATOR.” Like…BILL COSBY??? You Tell Me.



“TRUMP CHEERED OUTSIDE OF TRUMP TOWER”     This is what CNN stated as the “Breaking News” a few minutes ag0 (5:20 p.m. ET).    I’m looking at a large group of people “cheering” at Donald Trump as he is …

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EXTRA!!! EXTRA!!! If You Didn’t Know…Now You Know… “President Obama Is The Cause of “Racism” In This Country.” YEAH???… That’s What They Say.


O.k…    Recently, I have been hearing this a lot… “I don’t think there was any Racism until President Obama got elected.”   On 9/22/16, Kathy Miller, the chairwoman of Trump’s campaign in Mahoning County, Ohio, resigned from her …

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Donald Trump Speaks At African American Church in Detroit, Michigan: God Says To Trump, “Your Mask of Tolerance & Unity… Will Never Conceal Your Racist & Divisive Heart. I See Right Through You.”

Today…for the first time during his Presidential candidacy, Donald Trump, detroitmichigan2spoke to a largely African-American audience at the Great Faith Ministries church in Detroit, Michigan.   He said,  “For centuries, the African-American church has been the conscience of

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DEMOCRATIC & REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEES: AMERICA SPEAKS… & Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Presidential Nominee & Donald Trump is the Republican Presidential Nominee. All I Can Say Is… “HELP!!!…SOMEBODY…PLEEEEAASE… HELP!!!”



sos imageMY QUESTION IS THIS…   What am I suppose to do now???  Where am I suppose to go???  I sent out my own “S.O.S.”  I filed for Political Asylum, Mental Health Asylum &…Please Save Me from Crazy-Ass …

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REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION: Somebody Said That…Somebody Else Said That… “SOMEBODY Stole Parts of Michelle Obama’s 2008 Convention Speech.” Soooo…Who Stole The Cookies From The Cookie Jar? MELANIA TRUMP??? Say It Ain’t So!!!

trumppenceO.k.  One of the events that took place this week during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, was… on Monday Night…Melania Trump gave a speech.   Now… in a pre-recorded interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer (Today Show), …

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Republican Presidential Presumptive Nominee – Donald Trump: Trump Shouts Out to the World… “HISPANICS LOVE ME!!!” I Shout Back… “BUT, ON WHAT PLANET???”

donaldtrumpO.k.   Since Donald Trump got into this race to be President, he has been shouting out to the world… “HISPANICS LOVE ME!!!”  Yes… This is what he has been saying over & over…again.  O.k.  “I hear you…Donald.   I …

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