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Trump Issues Travel Ban Which Targets Muslim-Majority Countries: Some Say…It Is To Keep America Safe. Others Shout…It Is Plain Discrimination Against People of Color! You Tell Me…

EXTRA!!!              EXTRA!!!              EXTRA!!!

On Saturday Night…I watched hundreds of people at the DFW International Airport (Dallas Forth Worth International Airport)  in Dallas, Texas…SHOUT… “NO JUSTICE…NO PEACE… NO JUSTICE…NO PEACE!”   “YES WE CAN…YES WE CAN!”  People are …

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It Is The Day of Christmas & All Through the Earth….

It is the day of Christmas & all through the earth…

People are pleading “HELP ME!” “HELP ME!”…for all that it’s worth.

Here in the states…Hispanic children are so full of fear…

They are terrified of losing their parents when …

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U.S. GOVERNORS to SYRIAN REFUGEES… “Don’t Bring Your Muslim Asses Here– We Don’t Want You!” And, I say to you Governors… “Shame on You… You Heartless Devils!”


31 of the Governors in the United States, vehemently oppose letting syrianrefugeeboatsSyrian Refugees into their states.   This kind of talk is a result of the recent ISIS attacks in Paris.  The Governors’ announcements came after authorities revealed that

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PARIS & MALI TERROR ATTACKS: SURE…Evil Attacked & Evil Killed. But…FEAR is not an OPTION!!!

Today, CNN, MSNBC, & other news broadcasters…told us about “the Breaking maliattacksNews” that happened in Mali today.   Gunmen stormed a hotel hosting diplomats & at least 21 people were killed in the attack.   Witnesses are saying that, “They were

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Syrian Refugees In “Crisis” are Asking: “O’ Brother, Where art Thou???”


In March 2011, an anti-regime uprising led to an all out civil war in Syria.   It is strenuously argued that it was the absolute brutality of Syria’s President, Bashar al-assad, that brought about the uprising to begin with.     While he …

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