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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Please…Remember The REAL Reason For The Season! JESUS…Not Santa.

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Georgia Governor, Brian P. Kemp’s Crazy Ass Is Reopening Gyms, Nail Salons, Massage Parlors…Tomorrow. But, Despite Donald Trump’s & Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp’s Efforts To Kill God’s Children By Exposing Them To Coronavirus, The Devil Can’t Succeed…If We RESIST…RESIST…RESIST!!!

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Sexists…Racists…& Elitists Have Stacked The Decks In Their Favor For Hundreds Of Years…In America. So… What The Hell Do These “Trumpian” Mindsets Have To Be So “ANGRY” About??? President Barack Obama Says… “Each time we painstakingly pull ourselves closer to our founding ideals, that all of us are created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights…the status quo pushes back.” You Got Damn Right!!!

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Friday Night… The “HAMILTON” musical cast members spoke their piece to Vice President-elect Pence on Trump’s Administration: And… “Mista Tweeter” (Donald Trump) got his drawers all up in a bunch & tells them… “APOLOGIZE!”. To Trump I Say… “Who the Hell Do You Think You Are??? You Are Not God!!! You Should Apologize for Trying to Infringe on Their Right to Speak Freely!”

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“Steve Harvey Morning Show” – Dear Mr. Harvey: Would You Pleeeease Stop Talking Crazy! Obedience To God… Gets Prayers Answered. Not, Reciting Some Damn Wish List

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Whitesboro, New York’s Racist Seal: So, Blatantly & Proudly Displayed For So Long. You Know…This is the Kind of Stuff that Makes America Great!…Right??? HELL NO!!!

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Presidential Candidates – Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton: Pick One??? How about Pick None!!! Because…One is Just As Bad As the Other!!!

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Democratic Presidential Nominee: Sorry Hilary Clinton Supporters, Clinton loses no matter whose the Republican Nominee

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