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Spring Valley Black Student: She Won’t Listen—Put Down her Phone—or, Leave the Room. Still…I say DAMN!!! Did Any of her Pettiness Warrant… DRAGGING & A BODY SLAM???

springvalleyhighschoolO.k. Yall…Here’s what went down.

Yesterday, a Black female student, was in class at the Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina.   They’re saying that she refused to put down her cell phone when her teacher asked her to.   …

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Ahmed Mohamed – Arrested 14-year Old Inventor: Says “GOOD RIDDANCE” to Racist Ass U.S… & “HELLO to Qatar!!!”

UPDATE!!!!!   UPDATE!!!!!  UPDATE!!!

O.k.   Many, Many…Many people have been asking for an UPDATE on that genius young AhmedMohamed1man, AHMED MOHAMED, who was ARRESTED for bringing a homemade clock to school in Irving, Texas, last month.   Yes…Remember, the Irving Police arrested …

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Dear Too Damn Tired: Guess What??? … Me Too!



How about this???  You are all psyched up about  doing this… &…about doing that.   I workgettingitdonemean…your REALLY…REALLY EXCITED!   Your on the phone… talking to friends, loved ones, family…& your texting them… about all the stuff your gonna get done.   It’s …

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Former NBA star Lamar Odom: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places. Man… God’s Right In Front of You !!!

Alright.    First, I want to give praises to God, on behalf of Lamar Odom, for the work that God has already done.    THANK GOD…Lamar Odom, former NBA player, came out of Lamar Odomhis coma yesterday.   You see… they …

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WITCHCRAFT: “Root Working”– As Prevalent as Ever today…&… Just as Deadly!!!

You know…growing up, my daddy use to tell us all kinds of stories about his life.   And…a lot of those stories dealt with the supernatural &  other things that most adults don’t tell witchflyingacrossmoon2young folk about.  Why don’t they say …

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Can Anybody Tell Me How Black You Have to Be… to Be…REALLY Black??? WAIT A MINUTE & HOLD THE PRESSES!!! Fox News Owner, Rupert Murdoch, Says He Can Tell Me


Now…Last night, as I walked past the tv,  I heard Don Lemon (CNN) say that Rupert rupert murdochcompaniesMurdoch sent out a controversial tweet this evening saying that President Obama wasn’t “Really Black.” Well,  it got my attention because Rupert …

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Vice President Joe Biden: “Don’t You Listen to the Naysayers. If You Want to Run for the Democratic Presidential Nomination…Listen to… “RUN JOE RUN” &… Run Your Ass Off for the Nomination”



Listen…I know that there is nothing new under the sun.  And…bullying has been going on ERendellfor eons.    But, how can people tell children not to bully others…when they see bullying going on… day in & day out…by adults.  Adults… who …

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Donald Trump: “Trump…Who the hell are you… to call somebody a “boy” ???”


O.k.   You know…sometimes,  I just have to breathe in & breathe out to try & maintain  my “lady likeness” (that I guess I’m suppose to have) when I’m talking about that  “no good ass” Donald Trump.   And…you see …

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“I Prayed & I Prayed…Why Didn’t God Answer Me???”: God Is Not A Whore!


lifeishardwallYou know something?…I interact with a lot of people on a regular basis.   There are a lot of angry ass people out there.   There are a lot of hurting people out there.  Why?  The issues of life.   Make no …

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“UMPQUA” COLLEGE SHOOTINGS: “Crazy” did not kill those people…Chris Mercer did

Yesterday morning, Chris Mercer, killed 9 people & injured 9 others at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.  I’m hearing  statements like “we’re shocked”…”this UMPQUACOMMCOLLEGEtype of thing doesn’t happen here”…  “it’s senseless.”  Right off the bat…the arguments started again about gun …

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