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Ahmed Mohamed – Arrested 14-year Old Inventor: Says “GOOD RIDDANCE” to Racist Ass U.S… & “HELLO to Qatar!!!”

UPDATE!!!!!   UPDATE!!!!!  UPDATE!!!

O.k.   Many, Many…Many people have been asking for an UPDATE on that genius young AhmedMohamed1man, AHMED MOHAMED, who was ARRESTED for bringing a homemade clock to school in Irving, Texas, last month.   Yes…Remember, the Irving Police arrested …

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14 Year Old Inventor, Ahmed Mohamed, Arrested: “Tick Tock”  “Tick Tock”… “Ooohhh, It’s Not a Bomb…It’s really Just a Clock?”

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Yes, It really is just a clock…just as Ahmed Mohamed told the Irving, Texas Police, over & over & over. On Monday, 9/14/15, 14-year old Ahmed Mohamed, took a home made digital clock to his Irving Texas High School

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