Business As Usual???: Why Are God’s Children Being Distracted By The World…When The Devil Is Plotting to Rip Families Apart…24/7. You Should Always Be Prepared for the Fight of Your Life.


The Heavenly Father wants us to know…

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: (1 Peter 5:8).

YES! The devil is real! The devil is your enemy! The devil is trying to take you & your loved ones out…24/7!

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He never sleeps and his #1 mission is to try & lead God’s children into hell so they will be separated from God…forever. If you allow him to lead you away from God…& you physically die…there are no do-overs.


I have found that that devil loves to rip apart families…because he figures he can get more bang for the buck. Meaning??? Meaning…anything he does to hurt a mom or a dad…is going to trickle down and have a very negative impact on a child of these parents. Satan is always trying to cause so much pain & anger within human hearts…so, that these folks will turn away from God. He tries to set it up so God’s children…hate God. And, the devil will do anything…ANYTHING…within his power to make this happen.

Listen to this…  

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God told me in August 2016 that “the alarms” had sounded in Heaven.  Why??? Because Satan had loosed a gazillion more demons onto the earthly realm.   As God was speaking, in a vision, I saw these demons running through the streets like…packs of rats…on top of one another.  And, they couldn’t wait to kill…steal & destroy as their leader, Satan, instructs them to.   It was soooo disgusting…creepy & everything else you can think of that’s…PURE EVIL!!! 

I was told that these demons… were going to climb, literally…all over people’s houses & stay there…so they can try to influence & torment the inhabitants…day & night.    God said they have been released in full force to cause even more havoc than they were already causing.   I thought… “Awwh, SHIT!”    You see, I know that life can be so hard for us…ALREADY. People are struggling their asses off…trying to make ends come a quarter of the way…let alone meet.  People’s stress levels are off the chart.  It’s the truth.  Why??? One…   They are thinking to themselves… “What the hell is this world coming to?” 


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When, Donald Trump, won the election in November 2016…that did not surprise me one bit.  Why would it???   I said to myself… “Those got damn demons are succeeding at influencing people for the purpose of wreaking crazy amounts of havoc in this country.  They are succeeding at breeding…hate.” Then, look what happened.   The United States had a President, Donald Trump, who operated like a damn yo-yo.  Up & down…   Up & down…  Meaning?  Meaning, one day Trump is saying or doing one thing & the next day…he is saying or doing…just the opposite.  You didn’t have a clue about what he was going to do…LITERALLY…from moment to moment.  Never mind that he has a “black heart” just like Adolf Hitler’s!

Trump…was not stable in his thinking…or actions.   This would not have been much of a problem for the world….EXCEPT, for the fact that his evil ass…was the President of the United States.  Yes!!!…   His decisions…& his dumb-ass tweets impacted this country & the world.  CRAZY!!!  JUST CRAZY AS HELL!!! 

O.k…  Let’s keep going.

In releasing more demons on earth…the devil definitely has a plan.   These demonic beings (who are just as real as we are) have a top priority in mind…in their actions.   And, what is that top priority??? The devil has told them to ATTACK…ATTACK…& ATTACK some more…families.  Meaning???  Meaning, those evil asses are trying to DESTROY…the families of God’s children. And, this means…that our “children” are ALSO in grave danger! Yes…Satan doesn’t make any exceptions for…children…in families. Why would he???


How do they plan on doing this???

PLEEEEASE listen very carefully.

They will to try to rip husbands & wives apart.  They want to  rip children & parents apart.   DIVIDE & CONQUER…is the main strategy.   Why???  Because they do not want these families to reach their God appointed destinies.   Because…they do not want these families to get back home to our Heavenly Father when they close their physical eyes for the last time.   HELL NO!!!  That got damn devil & his minions want God’s children to suffer in hell for eternity…like them.   You know the saying, “MISERY LOVES COMPANY.”  So…

They figure that if they can keep things stirred up in households…people will be distracted AWAY from the things of God.   YES!!!    If they can keep you constantly fighting & biting at each other over dumb shit…what time is left for you to do what God’s will is for your life?  Where is the time or desire…in the midst of a husband & wife screaming at each “F… YOU!  KISS MY ASS!” …to sit down & study the word of God together???


The devil normally doesn’t start messing with families over something big.   NOOOOOO.  Usually, it starts off by something like this…   He will try to influence one or both of the spouses that the other spouse…has changed in some way.   Let me explain.   Let’s say the husband and wife use to watch movies together on a regular basis.   Just the 2 of them…so they could have this kind of private time together.   Then, there comes a time…with the craziness in life…that they don’t do it as often.  Here’s when the devil & his minions…will start whispering to the married couple. They will start whispering things like… “You see…your wife doesn’t want to spend as much time with you anymore.  What’s going on???  Maybe she has her eye on someone else.”    God as my witness, I’m telling you the God in heaven’s truth.  This shit is as real as you are.  

Listen to me people.  O.k…

So, if those evil seeds are being planted in the husband’s head, against the wife, anything the wife says that could be innocent…could be taken by the husband as proof of those thoughts…that were whispered to him earlier.    For example, the wife might have had a very hard day at work & she is truly tired & not feeling well.   So, she comes home, puts on her pajamas and lies down.  Why?  Because she IS truly tired and not feeling well.   There is nothing devious going on here…with her.   O.k…   Husband comes home & turns the light on as he goes into the bedroom.  He sees her & he asks why she is laying down…so early.  She responds, “Because I’m tired and not feeling well.”    Husband then says,  “Well, you were feeling o.k. when you left this morning, did something happen?”   She responds, “We had a busy day at work & I’m just tired & need to get some rest.  Could you please just shut off the light, as you leave, & close the door.”  So, the husband shuts off the bedroom light & closes the door as he leaves.    He goes into the living & sits down on the couch.   He starts thinking… “She normally doesn’t do this.  What’s going on?   It’s only 6:30 p.m. & she is already in bed.  What’s going on?”   Now…

Let’s look at this.    If the husband is thinking in this way…do you see how all of his thoughts are in the negative zone.   The thought… “She normally doesn’t do this” seems to indicate that her behavior is out of the ordinary.    Well, it might be out of the ordinary but, not in a negative way.   People do get sick.  People have times when they do not feel well and they need to lie down.  Just because something is out of the ordinary behaviors of someone…doesn’t necessarily mean it’s because they have changed.   The thought… “What’s going on?” seems to indicate that he doesn’t believe what she has told him.   If he believed what she told him, why would he ask… “what’s going on?”    When he asked her the question in the bedroom, she responded, “I’m tired and not feeling well.”  There is the answer.  That’s it.   That’s all.  That IS what is going on.   O.k…

Keep following me…please.

Now…   If the husband allows these types of thoughts to fester in him…everything that the wife says and does will be put under a microscope.   He will begin giving her what we call “the 3rd degree”…  even over nonsense.    Then, she will start picking up on this and question him…about all the nonsensical questions.   She will start thinking that he is changing.   It will become a cycle and can easily…have a snowball effect.   


If both husband & wife start thinking that the other is changing for the worse…a divide…a distance WILL come between them.   Yes.  And, that’s when the devil & demons…start rubbing their hands together saying… “GOODY! GOODY!  These bitches are at each other’s throats.  Just like we planned!”

Folks must understand this…

Even the most loving relationships will fall apart.   Why?  Because any division…any crack that the devil sees…will be a place for him to lay his head.   Meaning???  He will, then, try to sway one or both of the spouses that the other spouse’s feelings have changed.   Whispers such as… “They don’t love you anymore” will come into play…in full force.   And, if one spouse starts feeling this way…it won’t be long before they start looking outside of the marriage for companionship.   And, if they start looking, it won’t be long before they find it.  And, then…   SIN…SIN…SIN…will clearly be on the horizon.   You know & I know that God has as one of his commandments… “Thou shall not commit adultery.” (Exodus 20:14)  That’s how important it is to him that spouses remain faithful to one another.  

 So… What do you do??? 

First…  We have to become alert to the fact that the devil & his demons are real & that they are trying to break-up God’s children’s families.  Plain & simple.    I don’t care how solid you think your marriage is… you better understand that the devil is a master at manipulation & can bring your house tumbling down on top of your head.     You better understand that you & your spouse cannot keep your marriage solid…without God being interwoven into it.   If God is left out of your marriage relationship, then, whose left to fill the spot???   THAT’S RIGHT!  The damn devil!


As I have already said, he is more than willing to fill that spot.    And, if he fills the spot, you won’t have a marriage that’s worth a damn.  Literally & figuratively.   Second,  the husband & wife, need to each form a close & loving relationship with God.    The closer you are with God, the more covering you will have to defend against the wickedness of the devil.   The closer you are with God, the more you will be able to see the devil coming, ahead of time.   You will be able to discern when God is talking to you & when it’s the devil…whispering in your ear.  You will know…directly from God…how to resist the “wickedness” that the devil offers you.

Believe me… 

Knowing the difference between the 2…could save your marriage & it ultimately could mean…saving your very life.   Closeness with God will allow you to be more prepared to fight off the devil…before he can do any real damage to your family.    The closer you are with God, the more love you will have for your husband or wife.  You see…  When you come closer to God, He puts more of Himself into you.   More of Himself = more love within you, because…God is love.  The love…that is God…is a different type of love.  Love that is non-judgmental while, always speaking the truth.   Love that is always seeking understanding…as opposed to… always seeking condemnation of others.  Love that is patient & kind.


This is not a time for fear…but, a time for faith.  2 Timothy 1:7 tells us… “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Fear of the devil will serve you no good purpose.  Fear will not make the devil leave you alone.  HELL NO!  It make the devil laugh at you.   And…  Fear does nothing but, delay preparation.  God needs you to get your family in order (RIGHT NOW!) so He can help you in this hellish world.  


He only comes closer to you…if, you come closer to him.   No…if…ands…or buts… about it.  The devil is not going anywhere…until Jesus returns.   So…    It’s not if he’s going to attack your family…it’s when. So…   Realize this truth, accept it & prepare… so your family can win the fights against the devil.

And, remember to…

Pray to God…to touch you with His Holy Spirit…& bring you in a closer relationship with Him.  Pray to God that He brings your heart, mind & body into the obedience of Christ.   Pray to God that He gives you the patience & ability to be more & more like Christ everyday.  Pray to God…that His will be done in your life.   Pray all of these things in the name of Jesus & by the blood of Jesus.


Iris Whiting ©

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