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Donald Trump… “45th President-Elect”: So,Tell Me This… Why In The Hell Is There All This “Congratulating” Of Donald Trump??? Jesus…WOULDN’T!!!


Unless you were kidnapped by Bigfoot…& dragged off into a Himalayan cave…you should know by now that Donald Trump is the 45th President-Elect of the United States.    Once this was announced, all kinds of people started coming out…congratulating …

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Donald Trump v. Judge Gonzalo Curiel: Trump Says – “No Mexican Judge Can Judge Me.” But…Weak Ass Republican Leaders Are Still Backing Him.

trumpuniversityfraudRight now, Donald Trump, is a party in class-action lawsuits against Trump University, where former students allege that they were fleeced & defrauded by Trump.   They state that even though they spent large sums of money on Trump …

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Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump: Trump… Bumped Up to “Presumptive Nominee.” Republican Party Fighting & Crying Their Asses Off !!!

O.k. Guys.   I have slumped down in my chair…taken a veeeeery deep breath…& opened my box of kleenex.  Yes.  I do think…I am now officially iowacaucusdonaldtrumpready… to cry my ass off .  Why? Ooooohh My!!! …Let me tell you why. …

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