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President Barack Obama: Why So Much Upset & Anger About the President Saying the Word “Nigger?” (Part 2)

presidentobamainterviewwithmarcmaronO.k.  An interview that President Obama did for the podcast “WTF with Marc Maron,” was released in June 2015.   In the interview…President Obama said the following, in discussing relations, “Racism, we are not cured of it. And

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Republican Presidential Presumptive Nominee – Donald Trump: Trump Shouts Out to the World… “HISPANICS LOVE ME!!!” I Shout Back… “BUT, ON WHAT PLANET???”

donaldtrumpO.k.   Since Donald Trump got into this race to be President, he has been shouting out to the world… “HISPANICS LOVE ME!!!”  Yes… This is what he has been saying over & over…again.  O.k.  “I hear you…Donald.   I …

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Devil & Demons: Be Watchful & Be Aware! The Devil Never Sleeps. 24/7…He’s Trying To Kill All God’s Children!!!


O.k.  Let’s start here.  Jesus can’t lie!  He can’t…because he’s nothing but…the TRUTH.   Remember…He is God!   When He walked this earth in his humanly form…He warned us.  Jesus said, “16 See, I am sending you out like sheep

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Trump’s Supporters Are Exclaiming… “Donald Trump Is A ‘Very Nice’ Man!” Well… If by ‘Very Nice’ You Mean He’s The Devil’s Brother… THEN, DAMN RIGHT!!! I Can Get With That

You know…many of Donald Trump’s supporters are trying their jan brewerformergovernorarizonadamnedest to get others to support this man.   Oh yeah!  They are all over the airways…stumping their asses off for him.  So…with all that we already know about this man…how do …

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“Steve Harvey Morning Show” – Dear Mr. Harvey: Would You Pleeeease Stop Talking Crazy! Obedience To God… Gets Prayers Answered. Not, Reciting Some Damn Wish List

A few days ago, someone told me that she had recently listened to the Steve steveharveyHarvey Morning Show where he instructed them on how to get what they wanted from God.  He told them to make a list of what …

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Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump: Trump… Bumped Up to “Presumptive Nominee.” Republican Party Fighting & Crying Their Asses Off !!!

O.k. Guys.   I have slumped down in my chair…taken a veeeeery deep breath…& opened my box of kleenex.  Yes.  I do think…I am now officially iowacaucusdonaldtrumpready… to cry my ass off .  Why? Ooooohh My!!! …Let me tell you why. …

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