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“COLIN KAEPERNICK” – 49ers Quarterback Refuses To Stand for The National Anthem To Protest American Injustices: Is It UNPATRIOTIC??? Is It DISRESPECTFUL??? And…Does God Even Give a Damn???

colinkaepernickI’ll continue to sit.  I’m gonna continue “to stand” for the people that are being oppressed.   To me…this is something that has to change.  This is because I’m seeing things happen to people that don’t have a voice,

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Donald Trump & African-American Voters: Is TRUMP Really Courting the Black Vote??? HELL NO! Trump Is Being A “Great Pretender” to Get More of the White Vote.

conartistWill Someone Out there in “TRUMP LAND” pleeeeease  tell Donald Trump to shut the “hell” up &  leave my Black ass alone.    Why?   Because… For over a week, Donald Trump, has been harassing me, along with other Black folk, saying …

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CALLING ONE…CALLING ALL!!! God Says: “He Is Separating the Wheat from the Chaff. He Is Beckoning For His Children.” What He Wants To Know Is This… WHERE DO YOU REALLY STAND???

moonsky3I remember a few moons ago…I walked into one of the classes I was taking at a seminary school.   I was one of the last people who entered the class & the instructor was asking students to say their name …

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Who You Calling A Whore??? Well… If You Are Selling Your Ass In Your Home…OR…On The Block = WHORE. You See…To God…All That Shit Is The Same!

TRUE STORY…       whorehighheels

I was sitting at my house with a friend.   We were talking about this & that…so on & so on.    You know what I’m saying.  O.k.   Then… God told me to ask her (a woman in her …

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DEMOCRATIC & REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEES: AMERICA SPEAKS… & Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Presidential Nominee & Donald Trump is the Republican Presidential Nominee. All I Can Say Is… “HELP!!!…SOMEBODY…PLEEEEAASE… HELP!!!”



sos imageMY QUESTION IS THIS…   What am I suppose to do now???  Where am I suppose to go???  I sent out my own “S.O.S.”  I filed for Political Asylum, Mental Health Asylum &…Please Save Me from Crazy-Ass …

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TUPAC Echoes… What GOD Says To His Children, “YES…Life Can Be Very Difficult. But Still…KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!”

thefivestairstepsO-o-h Child”… is an old school song sung by The Five Stairsteps.    It came out in the late summer of 1971.    It really just speaks to you… with the words, “O-o-h child things are gonna get

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