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It Is The Day of Christmas & All Through the Earth….

It is the day of Christmas & all through the earth…

People are pleading “HELP ME!” “HELP ME!”…for all that it’s worth.

Here in the states…Hispanic children are so full of fear…

They are terrified of losing their parents when …

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(PART I) Veterans Band Together With Native Americans To Fight The Greedy-Ass “Energy Transfer Partners Pipeline Company”: YES!!! This Is What I’m Talking About! You See… This Is The “Love My Fellow Human Being Type of Spirit”…That Moves God.


O.k…   Friday Night on The Last Word” with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC, I listened to an American Marine Veteran, Matthew Robie, who said… “We are defenders.  And, because there is human rights violations happening here…the Constitution

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