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Dear Republican Representatives & Senators: “So…It’s Like That??? You Will Jeopardize Millions Of Lives…Just To Prove…You Pissed On “ObamaCare.”

“You are killing people!”

“You are systematically killing people!”

“Health care is a human right!”

Protesters…yelled out…these statements through the halls of Congress…in protest of the health care bill passed by the House of Representatives &…the health care bill the …

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(PART I) Veterans Band Together With Native Americans To Fight The Greedy-Ass “Energy Transfer Partners Pipeline Company”: YES!!! This Is What I’m Talking About! You See… This Is The “Love My Fellow Human Being Type of Spirit”…That Moves God.


O.k…   Friday Night on The Last Word” with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC, I listened to an American Marine Veteran, Matthew Robie, who said… “We are defenders.  And, because there is human rights violations happening here…the Constitution

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Spring Valley Black Student: She Won’t Listen—Put Down her Phone—or, Leave the Room. Still…I say DAMN!!! Did Any of her Pettiness Warrant… DRAGGING & A BODY SLAM???

springvalleyhighschoolO.k. Yall…Here’s what went down.

Yesterday, a Black female student, was in class at the Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina.   They’re saying that she refused to put down her cell phone when her teacher asked her to.   …

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