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Donald Trump Says To Africans…Haitians & El Salvadorians… “Stay Your Black & Brown Asses In Your Shithole Countries! Do Not “Pass Go”…& Come Here Unless Your A White Norwegian.”: I Respond… “Don’t Buy Into The Devil’s “White Supremacy” Bullshit. Remember… GOD Is The Only Supreme Being That Will Ever Exist!!!”

On January 11, 2018…Donald Trump hosted an Oval Office meeting with Congressional members where they discussed proposed deals regarding…U.S. immigration.   The Bi-Partisan group of Congressman in attendance, included:  Senator Lindsey Graham, (R – South Carolina); Senator

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Can Anybody Tell Me How Black You Have to Be… to Be…REALLY Black??? WAIT A MINUTE & HOLD THE PRESSES!!! Fox News Owner, Rupert Murdoch, Says He Can Tell Me


Now…Last night, as I walked past the tv,  I heard Don Lemon (CNN) say that Rupert rupert murdochcompaniesMurdoch sent out a controversial tweet this evening saying that President Obama wasn’t “Really Black.” Well,  it got my attention because Rupert …

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