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Dear Republican Representatives & Senators: “So…It’s Like That??? You Will Jeopardize Millions Of Lives…Just To Prove…You Pissed On “ObamaCare.”

“You are killing people!”

“You are systematically killing people!”

“Health care is a human right!”

Protesters…yelled out…these statements through the halls of Congress…in protest of the health care bill passed by the House of Representatives &…the health care bill the …

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“Vito Corleone” Is Running The White House!!!:  But, You “Bitched” About President Obama???”

O.k.  Listen…    On November 8, 2007, Reuters published an article, titled… “Mafia code reveals gangsters’ 10 commandments.”  They are talking about a “list” found at the home of the Sicilian Mafia’s top boss, during a police raid.   Fox

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EXTRA!!! EXTRA!!! If You Didn’t Know…Now You Know… “President Obama Is The Cause of “Racism” In This Country.” YEAH???… That’s What They Say.


O.k…    Recently, I have been hearing this a lot… “I don’t think there was any Racism until President Obama got elected.”   On 9/22/16, Kathy Miller, the chairwoman of Trump’s campaign in Mahoning County, Ohio, resigned from her …

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Can Anybody Tell Me How Black You Have to Be… to Be…REALLY Black??? WAIT A MINUTE & HOLD THE PRESSES!!! Fox News Owner, Rupert Murdoch, Says He Can Tell Me


Now…Last night, as I walked past the tv,  I heard Don Lemon (CNN) say that Rupert rupert murdochcompaniesMurdoch sent out a controversial tweet this evening saying that President Obama wasn’t “Really Black.” Well,  it got my attention because Rupert …

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Nation to Nation Cyber Spying & Hacking: “Peek A Boo…I See You” – “Oh Yeah?… Well, I See Your Ass…too.”




O.k., Chinese President Xi Jinping is visiting the United States this week.   Last week, at a conference held by the Business Roundtable,  President Obama said that his talks with President Xi Jinping will include cybersecurity.   Why?  Well, to put …

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