It’s July 4th In 2019…& The Statue Of Liberty STILL Reads… “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” HOLD UP! HOLD UP!…Did I Miss Something??? Does The Lady…Exclude Brown Folk???

It is about 4:31 a.m., East coast time…as I am writing to you, my dear loved ones…on the dawn of what we call… “Independence Day.”  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the absolute hypocrisy of it all.   Meaning???  Meaning…  It is July the 4th in America…where many will celebrate this country’s independence…feasts on barbeque this & that…watch fireworks and just have a grand ole time…while other folks…are being caged up like…wild beast…without just cause…on American soil…& living in abject filth.   

(above photo courtesy of DHS Office of Inspector General)

So, what the hell is going on???  I’ll tell you…

(map courtesy of the Library of Congress)

The US southern border is overwhelmed with increasing numbers of migrants.  There are a lot of migrants from Central American…mainly, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras…who are seeking asylum.  The rational for these folks migrating north…is for a variety of reasons.  Some of these folks were subsistence farmers who struggled to make a living due to extreme drought or excessive rain conditions in their homeland.   They migrate north…for a chance to due better.  Other migrants, have faced off the chart violence in their homelands…where corrupt officials…have jumped right into the fray…running shit…as criminal gangsters.  Unless, I have walked a mile in their shoes…far be it from me…to judge their motivation.  I’ll leave that to God. 


(photo courtesy of MSNBC)

That raggedy ass Donald Trump…has done nothing but turn a tough situation…of handling Border security, while processing legitimate claims…into a got damn nightmare.   Instead of following in the path of President Obama, of working steadily towards improving how the U.S. handles asylum seekers and so-called “illegal immigration” …that racist bastard has followed his natural inclinations to oppress. Instead of having more staff to process folks faster at the detention facilities & then, release them while they wait for their asylum hearings…Trump chooses to imprison them… in deplorable conditions.    While folks should be having a turn around time of 3 days or so, many are being held in detention… for several weeks and for several months.   Instead of adding more Administrative Law Judges…so the asylum applications could be processed faster…his evil ass is focused on wasting billions of dollars for a “wall.”   He hates it so much that these brown folks are coming to this country, that if it takes treating them like shit…to stop them, then, for him… “So be it!” 

(above photo courtesy of DHS Office of Inspector General)

Well, the slowness in processing claims…& the refusal to quickly release folks…has led to over crowding at the detention centers.   The detention center facilities are not big enough to hold all the migrants that are being piled into them.   The facilities are not equipped with enough showers, beds, toilets, toiletries, clothing, food and water, to humanely provide for the needs of the folks…for a few days…let alone, for weeks and months at a time.   Children and adults have been wearing the same damn clothes for weeks…without any showers.   Hence, their clothing is covered with mucus…urine and feces. How is a child suppose to be kept healthy without proper hygiene and nutrition??? 

Let’s keep going…

CBS news reported out yesterday… “A veteran Border Patrol agent, who did not want their identity revealed, spoke with CBS News about what he has seen. “Two things hit you right off the bat, the moment you open or walk through these doors of a processing area of any of our facilities: you hear kids crying and simultaneously, you get hit with the smell of people that have been there for too long,” the agent said.””

Yesterday, The Atlantic…reports… “Federal investigators detailed dangerous overcrowding and long detention times at Border Patrol facilities in Texas.  Adults and children are strewn across the floor behind fencing; some are covered by mylar blankets—aluminum-foil-like sheets designed to keep the cold out in cool temperatures and to deflect the heat in warm temperatures—others are lying uncovered on the cement.”   Cement???  You try sleeping on cement…& see how it feels.  You talk about aching…and sore.  You see…  That got damn cement floor is not going to give.  

On July 2, 2019, the New York Times said… “Overcrowding was so severe that when the agency’s internal inspectors visited some of the facilities, migrants banged on cells and pressed notes to windows begging for help. After touring a facility in Clint, Tex., where a group of lawyers had reported that children had gone unfed and unwashed, Democratic lawmakers said they had met migrants who were not given fresh water and were forced to drink from toilets.” 

You know what…  But, for the grace of God…I have NEVER…EVER…had to drink out of a %*$#@*# toilet…in order to get some water.   COME ON!!!

Let’s keep going…

(picture courtesy of DHS Office of Inspector General)

O.k…  Check out the above picture…again. I mean…R-E-A-L-L-Y look at it.  Folks… This is not where the people are staying for a few hours.  This is where and how they are living for days… weeks & months on end.  They are not being transferred to a bigger room with a cot.  This is also where they are sleeping.   WHAT THE HELL!!!

And, if that wasn’t enough, let’s try this on… 

The Office of the Inspector General…released a report on July 2 2019, about these deplorable conditions in the detention facilities. The folks who wrote this report work under the Trump Administration. O.k. The report states in pertinent part: “In addition to the overcrowding we observed, Border Patrol’s custody data indicates that 826 (31 percent) of the 2,669 children at these facilities had been held longer than the 72 hours generally permitted under the TEDS standards and the Flores Agreement. For example, of the 1,031 UACs held at the Centralized Processing Center in McAllen, TX, 806 had already been processed and were awaiting transfer to HHS custody. Of the 806 that were already processed, 165 had been in custody longer than a week.

In addition to holding roughly 30 percent of minor detainees for longer than 72 hours, several Rio Grande Valley facilities struggled to meet other TEDS standards for UACs and families. For example, children at three of the five Border Patrol facilities we visited had no access to showers, despite the TEDS standards requiring that “reasonable efforts” be made to provide showers to children approaching 48 hours in detention. At these facilities, children had limited access to a change of clothes; Border Patrol had few spare clothes and no laundry facilities.

In the Border Patrol facilities we visited, we also observed serious overcrowding and prolonged detention among adult detainees. TEDS provides that “under no circumstances should the maximum [cell] occupancy rate, as set by the fire marshal, be exceeded.” However, at one facility, some single adults were held in standing room only conditions for a week and at another, some single adults were held more than a month in overcrowded cells (see figures 4 and 5).”

O.k…answer me this…

When did God determine that migrating to the U.S. to flee oppression and violence…to be a crime???   When did taking steps to preserve life…become…a repulsive endeavor??? 

These folks are literally living in filth…with little food…& water. It is cruel…and…without a doubt…inhumane…in the sight of God.  Remember, the Heavenly Father’s children are among these folks who are migrating here.  As He watches this shit…how can His anger not be kindled???  

Now, you tell me… What American citizen…would desire to receive such inhospitable treatment if the shoe was on the other foot???  Huh???   I dare say none.  ABSOLUTELY NONE!  

And, this includes…Donald Trump’s ass. He wouldn’t want to live like this. Yet, when it comes to Hispanic folk…his cruelty seems to know…no bounds.

Trump’s way of dealing with the heavy numbers of migrants is to DETER…DETER…DETER.  He thinks to his devilish self… “I will do everything in my power, as President of the United States, to stop these got damn people from ever becoming citizens of the United States. If they refuse to stop coming here, then, I will treat them like the dirt…they are. I will make their lives a living hell.”  He tweeted out the following yesterday:

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump FollowFollow @realDonaldTrump More

If Illegal Immigrants are unhappy with the conditions in the quickly built or refitted detentions centers, just tell them not to come. All problems solved!

1:22 PM – 3 Jul 2019

***end of tweet***

Now, don’t lose heart & take consolation in this…  

God will deal with this worker of the devil…we call Donald Trump.  He is not our problem. For…Donald Trump…will surely “reap every got damn thing that he has done.” 

God tells us… “Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for you reap whatever you sow. If you sow to your own flesh, you will reap corruption from the flesh; but if you sow to the Spirit, you will reap eternal life from the Spirit.” (Galatians 6:7-8

19 Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave room for the wrath of God; for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” (Romans 12: 19)

You see…  Our job is to resist the Devil…who is influencing & guiding Donald Trump…and his other doers of evil.

So, what do we do to help???…

We contact anyone we know…including legislators, lawyers, activists, neighbors and get them involved in this situation…to provide help…immediately.

But, the most valuable & precious thing you can do…is call on God.  This is best that you can do and it moves mountains!  God listens to & answers the prayers of the righteous.  PRAISE GOD! 

So, I ask you…as a child of God…to pray this prayer:

Heavenly Father, you know the circumstances that your children are enduring in these border detention facilities.  Bless them with the help they need so they won’t be living in such deplorable conditions.  Send your workers Father so your children are quickly released from these detention centers.  Turn what the devil means as a curse against them, into a blessing for them.  Let them know that they are not alone & that you have not forsaken them.  Tell them that they are loved by folks who don’t even know their names.  Heal their bodies, hearts and minds from any trauma or lack that they have suffered.  Use this Father as an opportunity to bring them closer to you.   Give them a peace that passes all human understanding while they are enduring these trials.  Let them know that this too, shall pass.  I pray these things in the name of Jesus.  Amen.”

Iris Whiting ©

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