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Who You Calling A Whore??? Well… If You Are Selling Your Ass In Your Home…OR…On The Block = WHORE. You See…To God…All That Shit Is The Same!

TRUE STORY…       whorehighheels

I was sitting at my house with a friend.   We were talking about this & that…so on & so on.    You know what I’m saying.  O.k.   Then… God told me to ask her (a woman in her …

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WORKPLACE GOING ALONG…TO…GET ALONG: In other words… “Kissing Ass”…to get Ahead. “What A Damn Shame!”


O.k…I have a question.   Since when…did “Ass Kissing” become such a normal & pervasive way of interacting in the workplace???    I’m COMPLETELY serious.   Now, don’t misunderstand…I’m sure it has existed almost since the beginning of time.  Really.   I know in …

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