Last night, I was watching Don Lemon on CNN and a young woman called in stating that she was trapped in her apartment along with her 1 year old baby & cousin.  She said they had tried to leave but the water was just…too high.  She called into CNN to let people know that they were still trapped.

Right now… Rescues are underway all over the place in Houston, Texas. Thousands are being forced from their homes due to the EXTRAORDINARY flooding…taking place. Folks are worried to death about stranded family members &…their pets.  Water levels are steadily rising despite the planned releases. The entire Texas National Guard has been deployed to help. The National Weather Service has called the flooding… “epic and catastrophic.”

Remember…   The devil is busy…24/7. Hurricanes…Tropical Storms…floods…devastation…chaos & confusion…is right up his alley. He’s actually taking joy in this present…plight of Texans.  His job is to steal property & to destroy lives. But, have no fear!  If God is for us…who can be against us.  Now… I’ve been consistently hearing the News Reporters asking Texans, who’ve evacuated their homes… “What do you need?”  I respond… “They need God. They need all that only God can provide to get them where they need to be.”    Now…to that end…

What you need to do if you haven’t… What you need to continue doing if you’ve already started…is this…  PRAY!!! PRAY!!! PRAY!!!…for God’s beloved children in Texas. I love Texas & I love Texans.

Please join me in this prayer…

Dear Heavenly Father,

Whatever the devil uses for evil in Texas…please turn it into something good. Use these events to bring your children closer to you. You know better than any human being about what is going on with any of your children in Texas. So… I ask, in the name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ that you provide them what they need, Father. Only you know what is best for them. Father, please touch them with your Holy Spirit. Touch them so that their hearts & spirits find a peace that passes all human understandings in the midst of these present trials & tribulations. Bless them to hold on &…not to feel hopeless. Father, give everyone touched by storm Harvey & the aftermath…your power and strength. I understand that it is only with your power that any of us…even breathe.

Father, there are people in Texas who are trying to locate and help rescue the people who are stuck in their homes due to the flooding, etc… Father, please guide them with your hands so that they will reach these people in time. Bless them to be patient, diligent & to persevere during the daylight hours & during the night. Breathe your power into their human bodies so that get second, third & forth winds, Father. Give them the ability to see what they cannot see with their natural eyes…so they will be led to those folks trapped in their homes. Give them the strength needed so they do not get tired & weary. Let them know that you are watching everything that is going on 24/7. Touch them Father and let them know to pray to you when their physical bodies start to weaken. Let them know they only need to pray to you for your strength.

Father, bless us to pray for these people diligently & without ceasing. Bless us to keep alert to the needs of Texans to do whatever you lead any of us to do…to help. Let us know that but, for your grace & mercy, any of us could be in the situation…tomorrow…that these Texans find themselves in today. Open our eyes Father to see that it is not “them”…who this is happening to. Bless us to understand that it is “us” who is suffering in Texas…right now. Your children in Texas…are our brothers & sisters.

Bless us to follow what Jesus tells us. And, Jesus says… “34 I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13: 34-35)

I pray all of these things in the name of our Lord & Savior…Jesus Christ. Thank you, Father.

Much Love Texas,

Iris Whiting ©

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