Unless, Something Scares The Hell Out Of Republican Senators … Donald Trump’s Corrupt Ass Will Remain In The Office Of The U.S. Presidency. That Is…At Least For Now.

It is basically all over, BUT…the shouting, for the Senate Impeachment Trial regarding Donald Trump shaking down Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy.  Meaning??? THE FIX IS IN!!! Meaning…that, except for Mitt Romney (R-Utah), it appears that the other Republican Senators already had their minds made up about whether or not…Donald Trump…should be kicked out of office for holding up the aid to Ukraine.  And, make no mistake about it.   Their minds were NEVER leaning towards…holding Trump’s rotten ass accountable for the corrupt shit that he did.   Meaning…Republican Senator, Mitch McConnell, (Majority Leader of the United States Senate) knew how all the cards were going to be dealt…even before that sham…crappy ass, excuse for a trial…even began.   How do we know this???

Mitch McConnell 2016 official photo (cropped).jpg
(Senator Mitch McConnell)

Because…Mitch McConnell told us…himself…before the Senate Trial even started.   HE DIDN’T HIDE IT!  NOOOOOOOOO…he was too bold, with his shit…to hide anything.   And, here’s what he said.   On December 17, 2019, NPR reported what McConnell said… ““I’m not an impartial juror. This is a political process. There’s not anything judicial about it,” McConnell told reporters on Tuesday. “The House made a partisan political decision to impeach. I would anticipate we will have a largely partisan outcome in the Senate. I’m not impartial about this at all.””  

Image result for adam schiff senate impeachment msnbc
(House Manager – Rep. Adam Schiff, Photo courtesy of C-Span2)

Mmmmhhh…   He said, “I’m not impartial about this at all.”  This meant that no matter what case the “House Managers” presented to the Senate, to show that Donald Trump should be removed from office…Mitch McConnell…DOES NOT CARE!    GOT DAMN!   Mitch McConnell basically…peeked out, again, from under his wife’s dress (his wife works in Donald Trump’s administration) & told us…from the jump…that he was not removing Donald Trump…from the office of the Presidency…PERIOD!    

And, as if this is not bad enough.   This henchman…lap dog…lap turtle…whatever you want to call him…of Donald Trump…kept going.   Meaning???  Meaning, he pounded on every Republican Senator, to get them to stay their asses IN LINE…with HIS LINE…of thinking. 

Let’s keep going…

Then, to add insult to injury…Mitch McConnell also said…that in preparing for the Senate trial…he was coordinating every aspect of the Senate Trial…with the person who was the “subject” of the Senate Trial…DONALD TRUMP!   WHAT???  Think about how crazy this shit is!    In advance of the Senate trial, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) told Fox News & I quote… “Everything I do during this I am coordinating with the White House Counsel.   There will be no difference between the President’s position and our position  as to how to handle this.  There is no chance the President is gonna be removed from office.  My hope is that there won’t be a single Republican who votes for either of these articles of impeachment.

(Photo courtesy of NBC News)

Now, stay with me…

O.k…let’s say you have a criminal defendant on trial and it’s a judge trial, instead of a jury trial.   And, the judge tells the public, before the trial begins that he is not going to be impartial in the trial.  That he is, in fact, going to rule in favor of the defendant regardless of the evidence that the prosecutors put forth to show that the defendant is guilty as hell.   And, then…the judge also, says that he is presently working with the defendant, and the defendant’s counsel, to help the defendant prepare for his criminal trial.    If this happens, THERE IS NO JUSTICE!   That shit would be rigged.  

Image result for judge gavel

Well, this is the same damn playbook that Mitch McConnell is following.   The only difference is…it is happening in the Senate, instead of a regular courtroom.   Mitch McConnell & the other U.S. Senators are the judges in Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial.  

You know what???  To even call…this Senate proceeding a “Mickey Mouse” trial…would be an overstatement.    And, it would just wrongfully defame… “Mickey Mouse” …& that shit wouldn’t be right either. 


Image result for ukraine map
(Photo courtesy of NPR)

What the bulk of these Republican Senators are saying is that…all the corrupt shit that Donald Trump is doing is o.k.  Despite knowing that Trump is guilty as sin…they say… “so what???” For them,  it is o.k. for him to do to Ukraine…what amounts to nothing but a “Mafioso style” shake down.   Plain & Simple!!!  Trump withheld roughly $400 million, in military aid, that the U.S. Congress had already approved for Ukraine to receive.  And, why does Ukraine need this money???  Because, as I’m writing this post, they are literally battling a war against a mutual enemy…RUSSIA!  And, you know who is running shit in Russia…Vladimir Putin.  The one and the same person…who has Trump as a lap dog.   Shit…Trump’s first name should be … “Fido” or “Sparky.”

Image result for vladimir putin nbc news
(Photo Courtesy of NBC News)

Donald Trump, used his position, as President of the United States, to shake down…a country of lesser military means…lesser monetary means…for his own “friggin” personal gain.  Trump was trying to win the 2020 Presidential Election by cheating his ass off. His behavior, towards Ukraine, does not have a GOT DAMN thing to do with what is in the best interest of this country.   NOTHING!!!  In withholding the money, he actually jeopardized this country’s national security.   If Ukraine falls to Russia…it will be just another link in the chain…of Russia trying to move towards…world domination.   Mitt Romney knew what he was talking about when he said… Russia is  “America’s No. 1 geopolitical foe.


You know…and I know that if President Barack Obama…had done 10% of the corrupt…crooked ass shit that Donald Trump has done…in “whoring” out this country for his own personal benefit, Trump’s Republican Senator minions…would have stormed the White House… called Barack Obama a “Dirty Black Pimp” … & tossed his ass out of office.  HANDS DOWN! 

So, why are Republican Senators…supporting Donald Trump…despite, knowing that he REALLY SHOULD be tossed out on his damn head???  Some call it “selling your soul to the devil.”    I believe they are scared to death that Donald Trump will turn his base of supporters against them…& they will lose future elections.  AND, NO DOUBT…HE WOULD!  But, that is not the point!  Just because you may be taunted by a devil, doesn’t justify…you turning away from the light.   There is always two choices…good vs. evil.


Letting Donald Trump get away with all his dirt…just chips away at this so-called democracy that we are suppose to be living in.    Failing to hold a fair…legitimate hearing…where witnesses are called & listened to…is not justice.   Failing to hold a fair…legitimate hearing…where there is a search for the truth…is not justice.  Failing to hold Donald Trump’s guilty ass accountable for the wrongs that he has done…is not justice. ITS’ NOT! 

Well, I tell you what…

Our Heavenly Father, is a God…of “truth”…a God for “justice.”   He will not bless an institution of this country…that fails to seek “truth”…that fails to seek “justice.”   The damage that has been done to the U.S. Senate will be everlasting.  And…  God will not bless Republican Senators who fail to seek “truth”…who fail to seek “justice.”   I’ve seen these “go alongers” with Trump.   And, I have noticed that none of them have arms long enough…to box with God.   They don’t even have a clue of what they have brought upon themselves. 

The Heavenly Father tells us… “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.  For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” (Galatians 6:7-8)

And, He can’t lie.

Iris Whiting ©

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