Vice President Joe Biden: “Don’t You Listen to the Naysayers. If You Want to Run for the Democratic Presidential Nomination…Listen to… “RUN JOE RUN” &… Run Your Ass Off for the Nomination”



Listen…I know that there is nothing new under the sun.  And…bullying has been going on ERendellfor eons.    But, how can people tell children not to bully others…when they see bullying going on… day in & day out…by adults.  Adults… who know better & should be doing better.   Well, it is no different in the political arena.    The ex-Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell,  is regularly on MSNBC trying to keep the playing field clear for Hillary Clinton. How?   For months, he has been martinomalleytrying to prevent as many Democrats from running against her as he can.   He tried to keep Martin O’Malley from running against her but, it didn’t work.  He actually said this about Martin O’Malley, “I think he is an attractive candidate in general, but in terms of Hillary Clinton, Martin should not run if Hillary runs.  He would be better off being a loyal soldier. He actually would fit the demographic well as a vice president to Hillary.”  Jim Newell at Salon wrote that Ed Rendell “essentially tells the O’Malleys of the party this: If you cause too much trouble in the process of losing, you might ruin your chances for positions down the road.”  I don’t know about yall…but, that crap sounds like a “threat” to me.  Why?  Because it is a threat.

O.k…Rendell was also the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee during the 2000 presidential election.  And… he has consistently supported Hillary Clinton’s run for the Democratic Presidential nomination.  He donated $2,700 to her presidential campaign hillaryclintonin May 2015, according to data from the Federal Election Commission.  In addition, at one point…he defended Clinton’s use of her private email server.   Common sense finally seeped into his head and he ended up changing his position.  In an interview with the New York Times in August 2015, he actually said,  “They’ve handled the email issue poorly—maybe atrociously, certainly horribly.”  However, even though he realizes that Hillary Clinton has screwed up…on all kinds of levels…he still feels the need to try & control the playing field that she’s on.

And guess what?… That’s right… our dear Mr. Rendell has even pulled Vice-President, Joseph Biden, into the fray.  Yes. Yes. Yes.   Ed Rendell has basically been telling the MSNBC hosts that Vice-President Joe Biden needs to stay out of the race.   On September 27, 2015, on The Cats Roundtable Rendell said, “Biden is “genuinely torn” and doesn’t know if he can emotionally handle it after the death of his son, Beau, in May.  I think in the end he won’t, because if you look at the polls in every significant state, he’s in third place slightly behind Bernie Sanders and significantly behind Hillary Clinton.  The only way he can catch up, since he and Hillary basically agree on the same issues … is to attack her personally. And I don’t think he wants to do that.”  quinnipiac universitypollNow…what Ed Rendell fails to mention are the other polls.  Polls that consistently put Vice-President Joe Biden way ahead of Hillary Clinton when it comes to honesty & trustworthiness.   In new polls from Quinnipiac University,  Hillary Clinton, has negative favorability ratings among all registered voters in the three key states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Most voters in all three say they have doubts about Clinton’s honesty.  Ben Carson and Joe Biden are most apt to be seen as honest & trustworthy in all three states.   While none of the candidates tested are viewed favorably by a majority of voters in all three states, Joseph Biden comes the closest with 55% seeing him favorably in Florida; 52% seeing him favorably in Pennsylvania; & 47% viewing him favorably in Ohio.  This is consistent with the polling done in August 2015, by Quinnipiac University.  They released a poll then,  which shows that voters in the three key swing states of, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, view Biden as more “honest and trustworthy” than Clinton by at least 20 percentage points.   Biden’s favorability ratings also beat Clinton’s by seven to nine percentage points in these same 3 states.  Soooo…What about that Mr. Rendell???

joebidenpresidentobamaYall…Ed Rendell… ain’t doing nothing but hating on Joe.   He wouldn’t even be talking negatively about the man entering the race…except, for the fact…that he sooooo badly, wants Hillary Clinton to become our President.   Now…let’s step back for a minute.  We are not talking about just anybody…here.  We are talking about Joseph Biden.   People act like, Joe Biden,  just climbed out of Bigfoot’s cave or something.   This man is the sitting Vice-President of the United States.   And, it was no small feat for him to get there…especially, coming out of the state of Delaware.   (And, noooo…I’m not hating on Delaware…even though they need to fix those messed up roads.  If anybody knows about Delaware…they know what I’m talking about)  Anyway.

My question to Ed Rendell is this…”Has someone promised you a cabinet position or campaign2016something?   Because…that’s what your acting like.”   This man… has surely been “bullying” the other Democratic candidates & potential candidates.   Since when… is Ed Rendell in charge of anything here? Really.  They need to tell him…”YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME! And… ain’t nobody scared of your ass.”   I’m telling yall…people like Ed Rendell get a little too tied up in the politics of everything…& ….start losing their minds.  It’s the truth.  Does he forget that we are suppose to be living in a democracy, where anybody can run for the Democratic or Republican Presidential Nomination… if they meet basic qualifications?  Who in Satan’s hell does he think he is? Now, if he wants to be a King…where he can dictate to people…he needs to go to London & join up with Queen Elizabeth because… his crap doesn’t fly here.  This is still…the land of the free…where candidates & potential candidates are free from having to listen to anything that Ed Rendell says.

Now… Does Hillary Clinton know about what Ed Rendell has been doing???  Damn Right…she does!   She not only  knows about it…she approves of it.  Oh…yeah!  So, with all of this bullying & negativity going on towards Joe Biden, I say this to Vice-President Joseph Biden, “Don’t let Ed Rendell be a ‘rainy cloud’ on your ‘sunny days.’  Do not be swayed, in making your decision about running or not, by people who are obviously concerned about their own agenda…not yours.  Pray about it…& let God…guide your steps.  He’s never wrong!  And, if He tells you to run…Run Your Ass Off like there’s no tomorrow.   Oh…& if you still have any sway in Delaware, will you pleeease tell them cheap rascals to fix those raggedy ass roads.  Thanks man!

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