Ex-Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chauvin, Climbed On The Back Of America’s History Of Hate…Indifference…Apathy…Cruelty…Vileness…& Absolute Evil Towards Black Folk…Which Guided His Refusal To Remove His Knee From The Neck Of George Floyd…Despite The Desperate Pleas Of A Dying Man.

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Ex-Minneapolis Office Derek Chauvin…treated George Floyd’s life with such disdain & contempt…that it’s hard for many folks to swallow.  Why???  Because that evil bastard leaned his weight on that man’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds…nonchalantly…intentionally…& maliciously….for the purpose of killing him.   You tell me…  How else can you explain Derek Chauvin having his knee on the neck of a man who is already face down on the ground…in handcuffs??? How else can you explain George Floyd’s pleas for help, in saying… “I can’t breathe”…falling on the deaf ears of all four of the Minneapolis Police Officers who kneeled beside him & on him???  How else can you explain Derek Chauvin keeping his knee on the George Floyd’s neck…for almost three minutes while Floyd was unresponsive???

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And, for this…

Folks are… SO ANGRY!  I understand this…because I’m SO ANGRY!

Folks are…FRUSTRATED! I understand this…because I’m FRUSTRATED!

Folks are…HURT! I understand this…because I’m HURT!

In America…how long are Black folk going to be stepped on…instead of being helped up?
In America…how long are Black folk going to be stepped over…instead of being equally…included?


In this country…we call the United States of America

Over & over again…century after century…day in & day out…Black folk have seen their

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granddads…their grandmothers…their dads…their mothers…their brothers…their sisters…their children…their grandchildren…their uncles…their aunts…their friends…their loved ones…be brutalized, be hunted, be lynched, be tarred & feathered, be split like a hog, be beaten to death, be branded, be held in bondage, be shot to death, be mercilessly whipped, be burned to death, be threatened, be rolled down a hill inside barrels with nails, be disregarded, be spat upon, be misjudged, be tracked by dogs, be shackled, be mutilated, be ridiculed, be raped, be degraded, be humiliated, be devalued, be relentlessly attacked, be ignored, be passed over, be dragged behind vehicles,  be lied on, be thrown to the ground, be looked upon with contempt, be prejudged & so on…& so on…

You know…there comes a time…when “ENOUGH…IS…ENOUGH!

Meaning???  Meaning…that if you oppress & brutalize “a people” long enough…there will always be a time…when even the quietest & most easy going spirit in that group… is going to become “sick & tired” of being, what???  “SICK & TIRED.”  YES! 

There is a saying…my mother use to say… “Even iron wears out.


Frederick Douglass and the Power of Pictures | Picture This ...
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On October 21, 1890, Frederick Douglas spoke to folks at the Bethel Literary and Historical Association.   In his speech, Douglas said… “Hence, I object to characterizing the relations subsisting between the white and colored people in this country as the Negro problem, as if the Negro had precipitated that problem, and as if he were in any way responsible for the problem.  They (the American people) seem determined to keep his (the Negro) brain forever employed and his time forever occupied in solving a great variety of problems, and generally to his disadvantage.   As soon as he solves one, another is propounded to him, and when he thinks, good…easy soul, his work is done… he finds a new one invented, a new burden imposed, and a new hardship inflicted.   There may be rest for the weary, but there seems at present, no rest for the Negro.  He has been solving problems during all his history.”

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Those words spoken by Frederick Douglas…are just as relevant today…as they were when he spoke them in 1890.   The real…historical problems between White folk  & Black folk…have always been skewed by millions of White folk…to make the unsuspecting… think… “Good White folk aren’t to blame for the plight of Blacks in this country.  Their problems are their own fault.  Look at them…shiftless, lazy, good for nothing, dangerous, nuisances.  They ought to be glad that we tolerate them…as much as we do.  If it wasn’t for good White folk rescuing them, they would still be in Africa with bones in their noses.”  Well, I’ll tell you what…   I’d take a bone with freedom any day…OVER…shackles & chains in bondage.


God warned His children about this type of evil.  He tells us that devils always try to make themselves appear like angels. 

You see…

Black folk know better than anyone else…that Black folks value for millions of White folk has always…been inextricably linked to their perceived benefit to White folk. During slavery, White folk saw Black folks as valuable commodities…that made White folk wealthy. The White folk who held them in bondage & worked them mercilessly, without pay, from sun up to sun down. The White folk who hunted down the Black folks who tried to escape from their bondage. The White folk who printed the “Wanted Posters” describing…the Black folks who ran away. The merchants who sold items to the White folk who held Black folk in bondage. Shi-i-i-i-i-t… The United States of America was built on the free labor that they beat & whipped out of Black folk.

And, then…when the “push back” came against the enslavement of Black folk…millions of White folk kicked back against the freeing of Black folk. Remember… “The Civil War???” This was White folks saying… “How dare you niggers not want to be held in bondage by us good white folk? How dare you try to make it so that we can’t make no more money off your Black asses??? How dare you not want to be used & abused by us? What the hell is wrong with you???” These crazy…evil ass White people were willing to fight to the death…to preserve slavery and all the evils that came along with it. And, that’s exactly what they did.

It is no coincidence that God allowed White folk to kill one another to an extent…and in a manner….unheard of in this country. Brother against Brother. Father against Son. It was in part, to punish them for all the blood they had shed of Black folk. When God says… “you shall reap what you sow” …He means it.

Now, with emancipation…came resentment from White folk. They resented the fact that Black folk were exercising their God given right to be free. Free from physical shackles & chains. Free from the control of White supremacy mindsets. Free from playing the whore for their…heathen… lusty asses.

So, now…here comes…the KKK.  The local grocer was a KKK member.  Farmer John was a KKK member.  Police officers were KKK members.   Lawmakers were KKK members.   Judges were KKK.  So, despite Black folk being emancipated by the laws of man…the folks who swore to uphold…enforce & interpret those laws…were the same devilish asses wearing sheets, burning crosses & STILL murdering Black folk…all over the place.   Why???  I’ll say again…these White folk “resented” the fact that Black folk had the audacity to carry themselves as “free”…& “equal” in the sight of God. 

As Frederick Douglas stated in 1890…White folk have continuously imposed burden after burden upon Black folk & inflicted new hardship after new hardship upon Black folk. This happened before 1890 and has for damn sure continued right up to the present.

This country has…without hesitation…systematically & persistently…trampled on the human rights of Black folk, Natives & other folks of color.   While a few crumbs…have been tossed out…to give the appearance of “correcting” past wrongs, these facades of change…have dissipated like the “puffs of smoke” that they are.   There has NEVER been any effort to stop the “systemic racism” that is woven – so tightly –  in every aspect of American society.   And, not one aspect of this country has been left untainted …& left unstained by this wickedness.

Check this out…

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

In a suburb in Greenwood, Oklahoma, there was a Black community that came to be known as “Black Wall Street.” History.com reports… “Founded in 1906, Greenwood was developed on Indian Territory, the vast area where Native American tribes had been forced to relocate, which encompasses much of modern-day Eastern Oklahoma. Some African Americans who had been former slaves of the tribes, and subsequently integrated into tribal communities, acquired allotted land in Greenwood through the Dawes Act, a U.S. law that gave land to individual Native Americans. And many black sharecroppers fleeing racial oppression relocated to the region as well, in search of a better life post-Civil War. Between 1865 and 1920, African Americans founded more than 50 black townships in the state.

The Greenwood District (“Black Wall Street“) was home to grocery stores, restaurants, luxury shops, hotels, jewelry and clothing stories, movie theaters, barbershops and salons, a library, pool halls and nightclubs. Doctors, lawyers and dentists also set up offices there. The District had a taxi service, bus service, its own school system, post office, a savings and loan bank and a hospital.

The Atlantic.com reports… “In the period from 1911 to 1921, 23 Black Oklahomans were lynched by White mobs. As part of the Jim Crow South, Tulsa was highly segregated, its Black voters suppressed and Black residents scapegoated. A sense of frontier lawlessness lingered across the state: In Tulsa, a vigilante group calling themselves the Knights of Liberty had for years been ambushing and forcibly exiling anyone they considered a radical.

On May 31 through June 1, 1921, under the guise of retribution for a Black man “allegedly” assaulting a White women…deputized White folk massacred hundreds of Black people, looted and burned “Black Wall Street.” The charges against the Black man were dismissed.

In teaching about the massacre on “Black Wall Street,” language arts teacher Linda Christensen…writes… “The term “race riot” does not adequately describe the events of May 31–June 1, 1921, in Tulsa. Though some sources labeled the episode a “race riot” or a “race war,” implying that both Blacks and whites might be equally to blame for lawlessness and violence, the historical record documents that what occurred was a sustained and murderous assault on Black lives and property. This assault was met by a brave but unsuccessful armed defense of their community by some Black World War I veterans and others. During the night and day of the riot, deputized whites killed more than 300 African Americans; they looted and burned to the ground 40 square blocks, including 1,265 African American homes, hospitals, schools, churches, and 150 businesses. White deputies and members of the National Guard arrested and detained 6,000 black Tulsans who were released only upon being vouched for by a white employer or another white citizen; 9,000 African Americans were left homeless and living in tents well into the winter of 1921.”

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

On May 31, 2013…Ebony reports… “Black Wall Street was modern, majestic, sophisticated and unapologetically Black. Tragically, it was also the site of one of the bloodiest and most horrendous race riots (and acts of terrorism) that the United States has ever experienced. Today marks ninety-two years since as many as 300 African Americans lost their lives and more than 9,000 were left homeless when the small town was attacked, looted and literally burned to the ground beginning in 1921.  It was pure envy, and a vow to put progressive, high achieving African Americans in their place that would cause the demise of the Black Mecca many called “Little Africa”, and its destruction began the way much terrorism, violence and dispossession against African Americans did during that era.

On July 5, 2017, the daily.jstor.org reports… “In “The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921: Toward an Integrative Theory of Collective Violence,” the sociologist Chris M. Messer explores the underlying causes of the massacre. Messer and his colleague Patricia A. Bell offer further detail about how the media framed the riot, igniting tensions. In essence, blacks’ desire for socioeconomic progress and assertion of their rights was seen as a grave threat to white hegemony. Portraying all blacks as criminals served the black inferiority narrative, maintained Jim Crow segregation, and promoted the violent enforcement of racist ideology. For those who supported black subjugation, witnessing blacks thrive and defy the stereotypes of black inferiority was too much.

So, I say… “From the time Black folk were brought to America up to the present… White folk have continuously imposed burden after burden upon Black folk & inflicted hardship after hardship on them.” Racism is systemic and kicking its ass off in this country.

In response we shout… “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Pray to the Heavenly Father:

Heavenly Father forgive me for my sins and bless me to forgive those who trespass against me. Bless me to hate…the hate, but not to hate…the hater. Let your will be done regarding the mistreatment of Black folk and other people of color…in America. Let the perpetrators of racism in deed & heart…reap what they sow. Let these workers of the devil know that you hate…the hate that they perpetrate against your children. Let them understand that your word…never returns to you void. Instill in their hearts that when you say to us… “that we reap what we sow,” …that this means (as surely as the sun will shine)… “that we WILL reap what we sow.” Instill in their hearts that you will let the sins of the parents…fall on and curse the child. For your children who have been partakers of this hateful behavior…I pray that they turn from the wickedness of their ways and turn towards you Father. In all these things I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Even in the midst of the madness that surrounds us, I do not worry because I know that the Heavenly Father is in charge. As long as I follow my Father…victory against the devil, his demons & human workers is assured.

The Heavenly Father tells us to resist the devil.




Iris R. Whiting ©

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