Georgia Governor, Brian P. Kemp’s Crazy Ass Is Reopening Gyms, Nail Salons, Massage Parlors…Tomorrow. But, Despite Donald Trump’s & Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp’s Efforts To Kill God’s Children By Exposing Them To Coronavirus, The Devil Can’t Succeed…If We RESIST…RESIST…RESIST!!!


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The Office of the Governor of Georgia, Brian P. Kemp…officially tells the citizens of Georgia… “Together, we will put hardworking Georgians first and ensure that our best days are always ahead.

Well…well…well…    If Governor Kemp means that “our best days are always ahead”…include him doing all he can, (short of shooting Georgians in the head, at point blank range)…to kill them…then, yes…those “best days”…ARE DAMN SURE ahead for many Georgians.  And, before I continue…I need to add these 2 cents to the pot…   If someone has proof that this man…who is called the Governor of Georgia…is an active using alcoholic and/or an active user of CDS…NOW (not tomorrow)…would be the time to come forward…& blow the whistle on his crazy…evil ass!

O.k…where was I…

The Governor of Georgia, Brian P. Kemp, says he is reopening the state of Georgia for business…on Friday, April 24, 2020…DESPITE…DESPITE…o.k…(just one more)…DESPITE the fact that the Coronavirus cases are steadily increasing in Georgia…not slowing down.  Three days ago, 4/20/2020, according to the  Georgia Department of Public health, Georgia had 19,400 confirmed cases in the state.  Today at about 7:47 p.m. eastern time, it’s being reported that the state has approximately 21,883…confirmed Coronavirus cases.   The current population of Georgia is approximately 10 million.  

Now, I’m telling you that Governor Kemp is reopening the state of Georgia for business tomorrow.  But, guess when he first issued a stay at home order…due to Covid 19???  During a news conference on Wednesday, April 1, 2020, he issued a “stay at home” order but, the order did not take effect until…Friday, April 3, 2020.  So, the state will not have even been shut down for one month…if businesses reopen tomorrow, as planned.  Georgia’s shut down will have lasted 3 weeks.

At the time of issuing the stay at home order, Kemp…claimed that he waited as long as he did to shut down the state, because he had just found out that Covid 19…could be spread by someone who was asymptomatic.     “HE’S A LYING ASS!”  Folks had been told about this fact…weeks ago.

(Photo Courtesy of Maryland Dept. of Health)

Now, before we go any further…let me give you a little context, in terms of how another state is fairing… with regards to Covid 19…in comparison with the state of Georgia.   Let’s look at the state of Maryland.  Now, for the record…all of us were notified about the Covid 19 threat…spreading locally (the transmission could not be traced to travel linked to an outbreak area) in the United States on, or about February 26, 2020.   The Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, declared a “State of Emergency & Existence of Catastrophic Health Emergency -Covid 19” on March 5, 2020. 

On March 14, 2020, Governor Brian P. Kemp signed a public health state of emergency to address novel coronavirus and COVID-19 in Georgia.  In a televised address, Kemp made the following remarks: “My fellow Georgians: Over the past few weeks, our state has been facing an unprecedented public health threat with the spread of novel coronavirus. In only a matter of days, communities within the metro-Atlanta area and North Georgia have seen several cases, including hospitalizations, where the source of infection is unknown. Many of these cases have no connection to travel, and the capacity of our healthcare system remains at the forefront of my mind as we prepare for more local transmission. As of this morning, there are now sixty-four cases of COVID-19 in Georgia, which is our largest increase over a twenty-four period to date. This information will reflect on the Department of Public Health’s new website shortly…

So, in comparison to Governor Hogan, it took Kemp 11 days longer to declare a State of Emergency.  Also, please note that our dear Governor Kemp states that Georgia is facing an “unprecedented public health threat with the spread of novel coronavirus.”

O.k…let’s keep going…

(photo courtesy of WMAR2 – Baltimore/ABC)

On March 16, 2020, Governor Larry Hogan issues an executive order that shuts down all bars, restaurants, gyms and movie theaters, effectively starting at 5 p.m. on Monday. Drive through and carry out services are allowed to continue.  In addition…following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Hogan limits gatherings to 50 people across the state, including…social, community, religious and recreational or sports activities.  Then on Thursday, March 19, 2020, Hogan further restricts gatherings…to no more than 10 people.


(photo courtesy of

On March 23, 2020, Governor Larry Hogan announces the closing of non-essential businesses.  On March 23, 2020…the Baltimore Sun reports… “The flurry of actions from the governor came as the Republican executive condemned some Marylanders for engaging in “irresponsible and reckless behavior” by gathering in large crowds in violation of an order limiting groups to 10. Hogan said the closure of additional businesses, including retail stores that had been allowed to remain open, was necessary to “slow the spread” of the COVID-19 pandemic in the state.”  Governor Kemp restricted business operations within the state of Georgia, effective April 3, 2020.


On March 30, 2020…the Baltimore Sun reports… “Marylanders may only leave their homes for essential work or urgent medical care, to get food or prescriptions or for other “absolutely necessary” reasons, Gov. Larry Hogan said Monday under a new “stay-at-home” directive to stop the spread of the coronavirus. “This is the deadly public health crisis,” the Republican governor said. “We are no longer asking or suggesting that Marylanders stay home. We are directing them to do so.””    As I mentioned already, Governor Kemp’s “stay at home” order took effect four days after Maryland’s order.  

O.k…  Maryland has a population of approximately 6.08 million people.  Georgia has a population of approximately 10 million people.  As of today, at 7:47 p.m., Maryland’s confirmed Coronavirus cases is approximately 15,737.  As I stated Georgia has…21,883 confirmed cases.   So, Georgia has over six thousand cases more than Maryland, right now.

So, why the difference in the numbers where Georgia has greater numbers of Coronavirus cases???  I would dare say…that it has a lot to do with the time frame in which each Governor shut down the state…restricted non-essential businesses…& forced folks to stay home and gather in much smaller numbers.

The naysayers, who are against “social distancing” …can say what the hell they want…but the proof is in the numbers.  And, the truth of that…is what you can’t change.  And, the truth that “social distancing” is helping to save lives…during this Coronavirus pandemic…& is what is STILL needed in order to…continue saving lives.   Look at the state of California…

California…was the first state in the country to have a “stay at home” order.   This order came from the Bay area…San Francisco…on March 16, 2020. California’s population is approximately 39.51 million people. As of today, California’s Coronavirus confirmed cases total approximately 35,396. You would have thought there numbers would have been a whole lot higher given the number of people in the state. (Look at New York) California putting it’s folks under a “stay at home” order…no doubt…helped to tamp down the growth level of cases in California.


Let’s get back to talking about the “literal” hell…that Governor Kemp is seeking to bring down on the heads of Georgians…beginning tomorrow…

CNN reports today… “Kemp, a staunch ally of Trump, on Monday announced Georgia would allow nail salons, massage therapists, bowling alleys and gyms to open Friday. In-person church services can resume. Restaurants and movie theaters can open Monday, but bars cannot open yet. Many public health officials warned Kemp is moving too quickly, and some business owners said they would keep their doors closed. Mayors said they feared Kemp’s action would deepen the coronavirus crisis in their communities.

Did you see what CNN said???

Kemp is allowing…nail salons…massage therapist…bowling alleys and gyms to open on Friday and in-person church services can resume.  

O.k…  The last time I checked, you cannot get a massage if the “masseuse” is standing six feet away from you.   Well, unless they got some long ass arms.  You know like the superhero…“Rubber-band man.”  Now, don’t act like yall don’t know!  Well, anyway…let me keep going…   

And, Gyms??? Really???  All those people in their huffin & puffin!!!  How the hell are you supposed to keep that shit contained…if they got the Coronavirus??? YOU CAN’T!!!  Folks are going to be spreading the joy…like it’s Christmas time.  AIN’T THAT SOME SHIT!

O.k., I have some questions…  Does anybody know if Governor Brian P. Kemp trying to knock off some folks in Georgia & trying to use the Coronavirus to do it???  Does anybody know if Governor Brian P. Kemp trying to cash in on some insurance policies…or something???  Because from where I’m standing…this man is setting these folks up in Georgia…for death sentences.  I’m dead (no pun intended) serious!  WHAT THE *%$# IS REALLY GOING ON HERE??? 

Mayors…Activists…health experts were even blind-sided by Governor Kemp’s actions.  On April 21, 2020…CNN reports… “I have searched my head and my heart on this and I am at a loss as to what the governor is basing this decision on,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, a Democrat, told CNN. She said she is considering legal options for a city that she said is “not out of the woods yet.” “You have to live to fight another day. And you have to be able to be amongst the living to be able to recover,” she said.”

On April 21, 2020…USA Today  reports… “Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms told CNN on Monday she had not spoken with Kemp before learning of his decision to reopen businesses. Bottoms said she was concerned about the people with mild symptoms are not being tested.” Georgia has not seen a 14-day downward trajectory in the rate of new cases, according to data from the state’s department of health. Nearly 90,000 tests have been conducted in the state of more than 10 million people.”

WJCL22/ABC, reports on April 22, 2020… “America’s top infectious disease expert is speaking out against Georgia’s plan to reopen its economy. “That could be setting us back,” Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said in an interview Tuesday. “It certainly isn’t going to be helpful.””

(photo courtesy of NBC News)

On April 21, 2020, NBC news reports on Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams’ response to Governor Kemp’s plan to reopen Georgia… “There’s nothing about this that makes sense,” Abrams said in an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” Abrams, who lost the gubernatorial election to Kemp in 2018, said that Georgia, the eighth largest state, has the 14th highest infection rate and one of the slowest testing rates. These jobs that are reopening, these businesses that are reopening, are going to force front-line workers back to work without having been tested, without having access to a health care system to help them if they are in need,” she said.


There is no way…that the shit Kemp is planning is rational…logical… or…reasonable…in any sense of the word.   There has only been minimal testing in Georgia.  There have only been about 90,000 test done in Georgia when there is a population of about 10 million residents.   And, Governor Kemp doesn’t have a got damn clue…about who has…& who doesn’t have the Coronavirus.  But, yet…he is encouraging folks to expose themselves to a virus…that could easily kill them.  

So, if I had to pick one word to describe what Governor Kemp is doing…that word would be … “WICKED!”  It is just WICKED!  WICKED! WICKED!

So, why then, is Governor Kemp opening up Georgia’s businesses???  MONEY…MONEY…MONEY…MONEY!  With the stay at home orders in place… & with businesses being closed, Governor Kemp…who kisses Trump’s ass…knows that the bad economy that presently exist…is hurting Donald Trump’s chances at getting re-elected.  You see…  Prior to the Coronavirus spreading like crazy across the United States, the economy was the only thing that Trump could really point to…in his favor.   And, when given the option of “saving lives” …or… “making money,” Kemp…hands down…has chosen “making money.”  Kemp has chosen to ple-e-e-e-e-a-s-e Trump’s rotten ass…over doing the right thing…doing the godly thing.  Kemp is allowing himself to be used as a tool of the Devil…for the purpose of stealing the good health of God’s children…with the end being…the death of God’s children.


I know…that the Devil is going to do what a Devil does.  “Children of God” …do not lose their footing…“freaking out” about what any worker of the Devil will do.  All we can do…is choose to do the right thing…the godly thing…in response to what any devilish ass does.  So, God tells us to “resist”…the Devil, his demons & human workers…at every turn.  James 4:7…tells us… “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

We do not lay down…complacently…& let the Devil trod over top of us.  For if we do…it’s not just business owners…customers…& their family members whose lives will be put in danger by Georgia’s reopening.  HELL NO!  Guess who else is put at risk???  ALL OF US! ALL OF US! ALL OF US! All of us…who choose not to follow Governor Kemp’s order to reopen but, still have to go to grocery stores to shop for food.  All of the paramedics & emergency workers…who will be responding to the emergency calls from the business owners & customers who get sick as hell…because they reopened too early.  All of the hospital workers …who will be taking care of the business owners & customers…who get sick as hell…because they reopened to early.  And, so on…& so on…

And, let me say this…  God gave all of His children “free-will.” And, you have the “free-will” not to get caught up in the madness of men.   If some man makes decisions that can put your life in danger, then, the smart thing to do, is not to go along with that bullshit.   Use the good sense that God gave you.   Don’t be tempted by the Devil…to reopen for a few pieces of silver & put your life in danger. Don’t be tempted by the Devil…to go shopping in these reopened businesses & put your life in danger.  And, even if you don’t get sick…your family member may get sick & die.   And, when someone dies, there is no *&^%$#*… do over.  It is over.  It is done.   And, no amount of tears…that flow from you…is going to undue it. 

We are suppose to be in the business of preserving life…not, endangering it…not, taking it away.  And, Governor Brian P. Kemp…in ordering a reopening of businesses…where you have to be in close contact…for more than a few minutes…is absolutely SATANIC!  This *^%$# is doing the work of his father…the Devil…plain & simple.

My daddy use to tell me & my siblings…when we were kids… “You don’t have to do what other people tell you to do if it is going to hurt you or someone else.   Just because someone tells you to jump off a bridge doesn’t mean you go & do it.” In the same vein…  Just because a greedy ass Governor…who is more concerned about making a dollar…than, about preserving precious lives…tells you to reopen businesses and ignore “social distancing”…doesn’t mean you have to do it.

I would tell that incompetent…devil chasing Governor Kemp…to kiss my ass…& I’d keep it moving! 

No one is in charge of God’s children, except God.  He is the only one who tells me what to do!

Iris R. Whiting ©

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