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Donald Trump Says To Africans…Haitians & El Salvadorians… “Stay Your Black & Brown Asses In Your Shithole Countries! Do Not “Pass Go”…& Come Here Unless Your A White Norwegian.”: I Respond… “Don’t Buy Into The Devil’s “White Supremacy” Bullshit. Remember… GOD Is The Only Supreme Being That Will Ever Exist!!!”

On January 11, 2018…Donald Trump hosted an Oval Office meeting with Congressional members where they discussed proposed deals regarding…U.S. immigration.   The Bi-Partisan group of Congressman in attendance, included:  Senator Lindsey Graham, (R – South Carolina); Senator

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Donald Trump’s Deportation Plan & Muslim Ban…Really Means: “Let’s Clean House & Throw Their Colored Asses Out. Let’s Make America White – Again!!! WHOOPEE!!!”

(FILE PHOTO: A protester holds up an anti-racism sign as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S., July 28, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri/File Photo)

Have you noticed???  There is a new kind of …

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Now… We All Know That Donald Trump Will “Tweet” His Ass Off Over Nothing. So, Why Did He Drag His Feet In Condemning HITLER’S Minion – Richard Spencer? WHY??? I Told You… He’s A Racist-Ass Devil TOO!!!

Hail Trump!… Hail our people!…Hail our victory!”

O.k.   First I must say this…   YOU KNOW where we have heard that “HAIL” shit before…right???  YES!  NAZI GERMANY!!!  During Hitler’s reign… hail-hitler“Hail” is how the …

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Yall…     I just finished watching the 1st Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump at Hofstra University in New York.   For a moment…I clintontrumpdebatethought I was watching a SNL skit…that just went on for 90 minutes.   I…am…so…serious.   …

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DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION: VICE-PRESIDENT JOSEPH BIDEN TAKES ON DONALD TRUMP. Trump says “I Care About The Middle-Class.” VP Joe Biden Kicks Back… “Give Me A Break! That’s A Bunch of Malarkey!” I say, “YOU GO… JOE!!! Speak The Truth & Shame That Damn Devil… Donald Trump!”



Last Night… Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the Democratic National Convention &… showed up true to form.  He came with a big stick & he cracked Donald Trump over the head with it.    One thing that really stuck out …

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REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION: Somebody Said That…Somebody Else Said That… “SOMEBODY Stole Parts of Michelle Obama’s 2008 Convention Speech.” Soooo…Who Stole The Cookies From The Cookie Jar? MELANIA TRUMP??? Say It Ain’t So!!!

trumppenceO.k.  One of the events that took place this week during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, was… on Monday Night…Melania Trump gave a speech.   Now… in a pre-recorded interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer (Today Show), …

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Donald Trump v. Judge Gonzalo Curiel: Trump Says – “No Mexican Judge Can Judge Me.” But…Weak Ass Republican Leaders Are Still Backing Him.

trumpuniversityfraudRight now, Donald Trump, is a party in class-action lawsuits against Trump University, where former students allege that they were fleeced & defrauded by Trump.   They state that even though they spent large sums of money on Trump …

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Republican Presidential Presumptive Nominee – Donald Trump: Trump Shouts Out to the World… “HISPANICS LOVE ME!!!” I Shout Back… “BUT, ON WHAT PLANET???”

donaldtrumpO.k.   Since Donald Trump got into this race to be President, he has been shouting out to the world… “HISPANICS LOVE ME!!!”  Yes… This is what he has been saying over & over…again.  O.k.  “I hear you…Donald.   I …

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Republican Presidential Nomination: Oh My!… Yippee!!! The Field Has Whittled Down to 3… “Trump…Cruz…& Kasich.” It Is So Damn Crazy. I Don’t Know Whether To Cry Like A Baby…OR… Laugh My Ass Off


To put it lightly…this whole political season is “crazy” as Hell.  Hands Down!  O.k.   If you know anything about Donald Trump…he’s pretty consistent at being an ass…a sexist…a racist…anti-this…anti-that…blah, blah, blah, blah…blah.   You get the point.   Who …

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Republican Presidential Candidates – Marco Rubio vs. Donald Trump: Rubio Calls Trump A “Con Artist.” Well, Is He???… Does Chris Christie Love To Eat? Enough Said



Since the Republican Presidential Candidate Debate on Thursday Night…Marco RubioTrumpConArtistRubio has been calling Donald Trump a “Con Artist.”  A “Con Artist”  is defined as: “a person who cheats or tricks others by persuading them to believe

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