Left Un-Checked… Donald Trump’s Ass Will DESTROY America Like Hitler DESTROYED Germany. “Children of God…RISE-UP RIGHTEOUSLY!!!”


We are living in some very precarious times.  At every turn, Donald Trumpis literally trying to destroy…our American way of life.  It’s true.  He doesn’t want any checks & balances on his powers…as President.  Hell NO!  This narcissist devil doesn’t want any Judge…telling his crazy ass what to do.  He tries to undermine the Judiciary…every chance he gets.  Remember…   In February 2017, when a Seattle Federal District Court Judge blocked Trump’s travel ban…Trump called him a “so-called judge,” who made a “ridiculous” ruling.  Do you see how he personally attacked the Judge??? And, let us not forget…  During the campaign, Trump said that US District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who was the judge in a fraud claims case against Trump University, was not fit to hear his case because of his Mexican heritage.   For Trump…  How dare a person of Mexican heritage…try to rule over him in any way.  Now…

Trump is not a one-man band…here.  He has…allies…in this shit.   Vladimir Putin (President of Russia) & Stephen Bannon (White House Chief Strategist)…are assisting in this plot…to overthrow “Americanism.”  “Americanism???”   Meaning…FREEDOM…OPPORTUNITY…DIVERSITY…FAIRNESS.  Meaning…a government of the people, by the people & for the people.  Alright…  Russia damn sure interfered with the United States 2016 Presidential Election…using under-handed & illegal means to get Trump…elected.   On August 22, 2016, the Daily Beast published an article stating that Stephen Bannon said the following: “I’m a Leninist. Lenin, wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”  Well, there you have it.  And…

People need to pay attention to this…shit.     Donald Trump & Stephen Bannon want to tear down our “democratic society.”  Donald Trump loves dictators & he wants to be a “dictator.”  Yes!  I’m telling you the truth.  On April 18, 2017, CNN reported… “Trump’s soft spot for strongmen was on display again Monday, when he phoned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to congratulate him on winning a referendum designed to dismantle the country’s democratic infrastructure.   The White House readout of the call made no mention of the ongoing crackdown in Turkey, where Erdogan has targeted opposition figures, journalists and other elements of civil society in the aftermath of a failed coup last year.”  You see…   At his rotten core, Trump wants to rule America like Hitler…ruled Germany.  Now…

Let me tell you about a man who lived under the rule of Hitler.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer is his name.   I first heard about him…about 6 years ago.   It was kind of strange, though…  I really wasn’t paying much attention to the tv…until I heard this author start talking about a German theologian who lived during Hitler’s reign.  My antenna went up.  I thought… “Mmmmhhh, what is this dude about??? GermanTheologian…  How did he walk during Hitler’s reign???  Was he a coward?  Did he stand up?”  So, I sat down &…I watched & I watched…& I watched.  I had been drawn into this man’s life in a very powerful way.   You know when you know…there is something deeper to be revealed to you, but…you can’t put your finger on it.  This is what I felt about this man…called…Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Now, before I go any further…I need to say this…

Since the 4th grade, I have been very interested in WWII happenings and the holocaust.  It started when I went into the school library & picked up a book… “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.”  And, guess what???  I read it.   I read it…over…& over…& over.   I came to know her…through her diary.  Even at my young age, I was so deeply touched by Anne Frank.   I wondered to myself… “How could people treat other people like this? How could this happen?  Why didn’t someone help them? Why did she have to die…like this?”  I thought… “Where were the grown-ups who could have stopped this???” I was so got damn ANGRY!   If I’m lyin’…I’m flyin’…& my ass is sitting down…right now.   I looked into the face of Anne Frank…& I said… “I’m so sorry.”   And, from that time forward, I have never forgotten her face…on the cover of that book.   Her face was so embedded in my brain, that I could pick her out of thousands & thousands of pictures & tell you who she was.   And, you know what???…

As I think back…I think I was traumatized by what happened…to her.  It took a ve-e-e-ry long time for me to stop being soooooo angry…about her plight.  O.k.  Fast forward…  So, here I am…hearing about this man…Dietrich Bonhoeffer.   Now, I was so moved by this 15 or 20 minute discussion about Dietrich Bonhoeffer that I remembered him…a few years later.  When I attended seminary school, I leaped at the chance to take a class dedicated exclusively to his life.   I studied this man’s life for an entire semester.  And, you know what???  I was reminded, by God… “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”  This is so, regardless of how brutal…inhumane…cruel & downright evil…the majority of a people can be.   You cannot throw everyone…aimlessly…into that same pot.  You have to take people…1…by…1.  Why?  Because you will throw…the baby out…with the bath water.   You will throw out the “wheat”…along with…the “chaff.”  And, you will miss the “gems” that God has buried…even in the midst of HELL.  Now…

According to the U.S. Library of Congress, the 1939 census shows the German population to be 79.7 million people.  O.k…   Despite the fact that millions of these Germans were just as guilty as Hitler…for murdering millions of Jewish people, not EVERY GERMAN…did that.  And, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was 1 of those…exceptions.  One of God’s gems who CHOSE NOT to “trample on graves.”  Alright…  Dietrich was only 26-years old when Hitler rose to power…becoming chancellor of Germany in January 1933.   Aristocracy…was the kind of family in which Dietrich grew up.   But, when he turned 14, he told family members that he wanted to be a Pastor.  Well…they were not happy about that.   But, their unhappiness…in no way changed his desire to be a Pastor.  And…  Pastor he did become.   But, this man was in no way…an ordinary Pastor.   My goodness…NO!

He was one of only a few Christian leaders, who actively resisted against…the evil actions of Adolf Hitler. Dietrich was very outspoken in opposing the Jewish Holocaust.  In April 1933, Dietrich wrote an essay, titled… “The Church and the Jewish Question.”  In this article, he in part…tells the Christian Church… “Without doubt one of the historical problems that must be dealt with by our state is the Jewish question, and without doubt the state is entitled to strike new paths in doing so.  It remains for the humanitarian associations and individual Christian men who see themselves called to do so…to make the state aware of the moral aspect of the measures it takes in this regard, that is, should the occasion arise, to accuse the state of offenses against morality.  For the church today, the Jewish question poses the first two possibilities as challenges of the hour, which it has a duty to meet.  The church cannot the allow state to prescribe for it the way it treats its members.  A baptized Jew is a member of our church.”   In dealing with how the German state mistreats Jewish people, Dietrich said the church has a responsibility… “…not only to help the victims who have fallen under the wheel, but to fall into the spokes of the wheel itself”… in order to halt the machinery of injustice.”  For Dietrich Bonhoeffer, providing help pertained to all Jewish people…whether they were members of the Christian Church…or not.  O.k…

Dietrich was also a prominent voice of the “Confessing Church.”  In an article discussing the “Confessing Church,” the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum states… “Its founding document, the Barmen Confession of Faith, declared that the church’s allegiance was to God and scripture, not a worldly Führer.” The “Confessing Church” was formed after a minority (about 3,000) of German Protestant Pastors broke away from the main body of the German Protestant Church…which consisted of about 40 million Germans.  You see…  The main body of the German Protestant Church supported the Nazis while…the “Confessing Church”…resisted being controlled by the State.  This conflict centered around the question of “How should the Church respond to the issues concerning the Jewish people?” Now…

In 1941,  Dietrich Bonhoeffer said : “I pray for the defeat of my country, for I think that is the only possibility of paying for all the suffering that my country has caused in the world.” At another time, he declared, “If we claim to be Christians, there is no room for expediency. Hitler is anti-Christ. Therefore we must go on with our work and eliminate him whether he is successful or not.”  This shows his stead-fast desire to STOP…Hitler.  O.k…

The “Confessing Church’s” response to Nazism was in direct contrast to even…how the Roman Catholic Church responded.    In June 1933, the Roman Catholic Church made a compact with the devil (via Hitler)…by entering into an Agreement called the “Enabling Act” in exchange for Hitler signing the “Reich Concordat.”   The “Reich Concordat” granted the Roman Catholic Church the right to impose the new Code of Canon Law on Catholics in Germany.   The “Enabling Act” gave Hitler dictatorial powers.   The “Enabling Act” negotiations were conducted in secret by Eugenio Pacelli ( to be Pope Pius XII in 1939), Ludwig Kaas, and Hitler’s deputy chancellor, Franz von Papen.   The Catholic Church basically agreed to stay out of the political matters of Germany. Meaning??? Meaning…the Catholic Church would not criticize any of the shit that Hitler did to the Jewish people.   And, they didn’t.   The Church’s support of Hitler actually contributed to millions of Catholics joining the Nazi Party.   Well…

Guess how that worked out???  To Hitler…it was a got damn joke.   No credence was given to this so-called Agreement after Hitler got what he wanted.  Almost immediately…he began killing German Catholic Priests.  SURPRISE! SURPRISE!  Can we pause for a moment.  Do you see how Hitler was not the only one here…who sold his soul to the devil??? HELL NO!!! The Catholic Church was ABSOLUTELY complicit in the atrocities committed by the Third Reich…against the Jewish people.   YES!!! And, their hands… too…were bloody as hell.  So…

Do you see???…   Dietrich Bonhoeffer showed more courage & heart than any of the Popes in charge of the Roman Catholic Church, during Hitler’s reign.  And, Dietrich did not have the force of the entire Roman Catholic Church…behind him.  And, you must remember…  The Nazi’s were killing people left…& right.  To speak out publicly against them…easily equated to a death sentence.  So, every time he spoke out…against Hitler…another bull’s eye was put on his head.  This shit was no joke.  It was for REAL…for REAL. But still…  Dietrich Bonhoeffer put his money where his mouth was.  He didn’t just talk…a…talk.   This man…walked…the walk…he talked.  There were many times that Dietrich could have escaped from Germany, but…he DID NOT.  Even when he left the country…he always…returned…to continue fighting for Christian beliefs.   He eventually became involved in one of the plots to overthrow Hitler…via assassination.   Hitler survived the assassination attempt.  And…  Dietrich Bonhoeffer was put to death, via hanging… on April 9, 1945, for high treason.  This happened only a few days before the Allies took control.   You know…

It’s not easy to do what Dietrich did.  It’s not.  He was basically bucking against a whole got damn country that went along with Hitler.  In other words…  He was pushing against…a country full of ruthless…heartless…DEVILS!  That is no small matter.  Shi-i-i-i-i-t.  Spies…for Hitler…were everywhere.   Now…  This man could’ve laid low…& played it cool. He could’ve acted as if the holocaust didn’t have thing to do with him.   Believe me…many people did just that.  And, he could’ve been selfish & said… “I’m not Jewish…their problem…is not…mine.”  His family was German aristocracy.  This gave him a very comfortable lifestyle.  And… He could’ve chosen to stay in that zone of comfort.  He could’ve chosen to ride out the wave of Nazism.  BUT… HE DIDN’T!  HE DIDN’T!!!  Instead…   He CHOSE to stand-up & fight…to end the death knell that was so very deafening…throughout Germany.  Why??? Why didn’t he do like so many others…go along to get…along??? Doesn’t self-preservation…come first??? You know…

I have found out through all my years of living on this earth…that every day presents a new challenge for all of us.  A challenge…to STAND-UP for what’s right.   To STAND-UP for truth.  In other words…to STAND-UP for God.   And…   Far too many times…I have seen person…after person…lie down like “sniveling cowards” …when faced with these challenges.  Far too many times…I have seen person…after person…just…lie down like whores.  And… I’m talking about people…across all age ranges…across all races…across both sexes…across all religions.    You see…  Age, race, sex & religion…do not determine…who will stand-up & who will lie down.   But, there is a thing…that is a better predictor.   And…  This thing has a name.   We call it… “INTEGRITY.”   And…  You either have IT…or…you DON’T.    Alright…

Merriam-Webster dictionary…defines “integrity” as…  “firm adherence to a code of especially moral values.” O.k…   Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “moral” as…  “c: conforming to a standard of right behavior.”  So, how does a person of integrity…behave???  A person “of integrity” will always try to do the “right thing.” Who is a person “of integrity???”  The best example of a person who walked in “integrity” …is hands down…our Lord Jesus…incarnate as a man.  He breathed it out…when he exhaled.  So, how did Jesus become such a man “of integrity?”  Oh, that’s easy…  It comes down to his make-up.  Jesus’ character was that of one who walked humbly…patiently…peacefully…compassionately…unselfishly…lovingly…obediently…honestly…gently…firmly. Jesus walked this earth standing-up for what was right…ALWAYS.  And, for what it’s worth…   Dietrich Bonhoeffer tried to act with integrity during one of the worst times in human history.   He tried to obey God &…do what was right for others.  He tried unto…death.   (This is so…so sad, while at the same time…so …so Christ like)  So…

How does a person who lacks integrity…behave?  Like a damned…devil.  Doing what’s right is not the first thing that comes to mind…for them.   What comes to mind, first for them, is this… “What do I need to do…to save myself?” Then, they act in accord with that line of thought.  This is how Donald Trump thinks & behaves. I said this before…  Trump would sell his mother…two save his own rotten ass.  He hasn’t got an iota of “integrity”…not even in a strand of that fox…that’s on his head.  So…

We MUST stay vigilant.   We MUST stay alert.  And, more importantly…  We MUST be people “of integrity.”  In other words, we must be “Christ like” in all of our deeds.   Integrity…is what God will honor.  When we, as a people, act with integrity… God will help us defeat the EVIL in this world.   Then…  When we seek his protection in all our endeavors against people like Donald Trump…God will hear our call.   He will not turn His back…in disgust…& in disappointment.   He will claim us…as His children…who are called by His name.   Then, we WILL have success.  For God tells us…everyday… “If I (God) am for you…who can be against you.”  (Romans 8:31)

Remember:   There are no human hands…big enough…to box with God!!!

Iris R. Whiting ©


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