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COME ON PEOPLE! If It Looks Like A Devil…Walks Like A Devil…& Talks Like A Devil… THEN, DAMN…IT AIN’T JESUS. So…Be Careful & Resist That Devil!

kingcobraO.k…   I have a question.  Would you go up to a “King Cobra” snake & try to pet it?  HELL NO!  Not…if you’ve got good sense.  Why? Because you know that would be extremely dangerous & potentially…deadly.   According to National

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Pope Francis v. Donald Trump: Pope Francis Thumped Trump Upside the Head with… “YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN.”


Oh…My Goodness!  You know… it is a rare thing when Donald Trump is almost made speechless.  Really.  Trump talks incessantly once you get him started.   He may repeat himself 50 times (I’m so great…I’m # 1…Everybody loves me)  but…he just …

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