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FOR DECADES, HOLLYWOOD SAID… “SSSHHHHH”…ABOUT HARVEY WEINSTEIN’S BULLSHIT:   Now…   Every Time We Fail To Do What Is Right…Our Asses Knock Once More …At The Gates Of HELL. 

Tell Me This…  HOW is it that a deviant is allowed to commit crime…after crime…after crime…OVER DECADES…where many people know about it…& he gets to take his ass home every night…& sleep in his own bed???   It’s not like we …

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Donald Trump Mocks Disability of Serge Kovaleski : “Donald Trump…Oh, I know so well how you work for the devil, but, Mocking a Disability… You’ve even stooped to a lower level.”

Just when people thought that the devil couldn’t fall any lower…here comes devilfallingfromheaventhe Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, to prove them wrong.   This devilish ass has reached another low.   What has he done now??? Donald Trump has mocked

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