It Is The Day of Christmas & All Through the Earth….

It is the day of Christmas & all through the earth…

People are pleading “HELP ME!” “HELP ME!”…for all that it’s worth.

Here in the states…Hispanic children are so full of fear…

They are terrified of losing their parents when Trump takes office next year.

Many are thinking… “What will we do…& where will we be???

For God knows I thought, the United States…was home for me.”

And, make no mistake about it…  Trump has vowed to kick them out.

“We are preparing the legislation to do it…you will see!”…Trump shouts.

Israel is up in arms about the recent UN resolution that passed.

It condemns Israel’s building of new settlements in Palestine…& some are saying… finally…at last.

President Obama ordered the United States to abstain from the voting.

And, Netanyahu is pissed as hell… for he damn sure ain’t gloating.

On this…  Israel is saying that the United States is against them…too.

For, this was the first time that Obama allowed the resolution to go through.

Now… Some are saying “hold-up” Israel… not understanding all of the “to-do.”

For, the UK, France, Russia & China voted in favor of the resolution…too.

From St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy…Pope Francis made a strong call for peace.

He said terrorism was sowing ‘fear and death’ in many countries & that needed to cease.

His message went out especially to those in Syria…who are scarred by harsh conflict and war.

He called on world leaders to act so… theses atrocities would be…no more.

He said Christmas had been ‘taken hostage’ by materialism… that blinded us to the needs of the hungry.

Pope Francis said a world often obsessed with gifts, feasts & self-centeredness… needed more humility.

He said the lights of commerce had cast… the light of God into the shadows.

Where we ignore hungry children… and give homage to gifts with bows.So…where is the peace & the joy…that a day like Christmas should bring???

Well, you won’t find it inside your Christmas package or tied to it’s top by a string.

But, fret not dear ones…for… ALL definitely is not lost.

For, I know someone who is, without a doubt, the single… ultimate boss.

He is the King of all Kings…& the reason that Christmas exist.

But, he doesn’t give a damn about man’s silly plans or Santa’s Christmas list.

He is concerned about the lack of love in this world…& the heart-less-ness of man.

He is concerned about man’s lack of will & desire to help each other… all that they can.

So, let us not forget about CHRIST on Christmas…& that He died for all of our sins.

Remember, turn away from the evil ways of man…& towards the God that still lives within.

                                            MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I love you!!!

Iris R. Whiting  ©

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