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Dear Beloved Child Of God: Don’t Forget… You Are In The World But, Not Of The World. You Were Never Meant To Fit Into…This World. Soooo… STOP…Stressing About How The World Reacts To You. If They Hated Jesus…What In The Hell Would Make You Think That They Are Going To Put You On A Pedestal??? All You Need To Do…Is Stand Up For The Heavenly Father…& Let Him Deal With The Bullshit Of The World.

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From “Blackface” …To… “Lying Ass” …Virginia’s Democratic Governor Ralph Northam…Has Democrats All Upset. You See…2020 Is Around The Corner & Democratic White Men In “Blackface” Could Cost Democrats… “Black Votes.”

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Despite Slavery… Despite Jim Crow… Despite Donald Trump… The Hearts Of Black Women Have Been Shouting…”NO! I DON’T YIELD!!!” Congresswoman Maxine Waters Just Reminded Congressman Mike Kelly’s Ass Of This Fact…On The House Floor.

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