So…Who Lied & Said That “The Mafia” Is Dead??? Dead My Ass!!!… Donald Trump’s Administration Just Tossed 60 Of Vladimir Putin’s Russian Diplomats Out of America…Because Russia Poisoned 2 Residents Of Salisbury, England. If That Ain’t Some Gangsta Shit…Then, I Don’t Know What Is!!!

December 16, 1985 – Gun fire echos through the air & Big Paul Castellano, boss of the Gambino crime family…drops to the ground.    It was a cold blooded execution…for the whole world to see. (right – photo courtesy of New York Daily News) So.  Who…who ordered the hit???…said the owl. ABC News tells us… “New York police and the FBI were quick to agree that a man named John Gotti had been behind the Castellano hit.  It was nine days before Christmas and John Gotti had given himself an early present: The title of “Boss” of the Gambino Crime Family.

On a March 27, 1989, People magazine cover…boldly says… “His name is John Gotti.  He’s a sleek, shrewd killer who laughs at the law and settle scores the old-fashioned way.”  People reports a conversation that the feds recorded in 1982, when John Gotti was talking to Anthony Moscatiello, a former business associate, who took his time in returning Gotti’s urgent call to him…

What, I got to reach out for you three days in a-f——— advance?” Gotti raged, while the feds listened.  

Pal, my wife just called me.”

“Let me tell you something. I need an example. Don’t you be the f——— example. Do you understand me?”

“Listen, John…”

“Listen, I called your f——— house five times yesterday, now, if you’re going to disregard my m——- f——— phone calls, I’ll blow you and that f——— house up.”

“I never disregard anything you…”

“This is not a f——— game. My time is valuable. If I ever hear anybody else calls you and you respond within five days, I’ll f——— kill you.””

O.k…  I think we get the message.   Now…

The Last Mafia Icon” …is what some say about John Gotti.   Last…MY ASS!…is what I say.   Mafias STILL exist…throughout the world…& are ALIVE & SURE ENOUGH KICKING…their asses off.   And, if there is a Mafia…then, guess what???  There IS a Mafia Boss.   And, these modern day Bosses are no less ruthless…& brutal…in how they carry it.   Killing your ass one second…& sitting down, entertaining guests…the next.  Listen…    They don’t miss a beat.  In other words, they keep it moving.   For them…  It’s all about the MONEY…POWER & RESPECT!  Mafia bosses live the “creed” that “Lil’ Kim”  spoke about… “See I believe in money, power, and respect. First You get the money. Then you get the muthafuckin, power. After you get the fuckin’ power…muthafuckas will respect you.”  (song lyrics from Money, Power & Respect. DMX. The Lox)  O.k…

This past Monday…NBC news reported… “The U.S. will dismiss 60 Russian diplomats identified by officials as intelligence officers, as well as close Russia’s Seattle consulate. These steps, a senior Trump administration official told reporters on the condition of anonymity Monday morning, were intended to let the Russian government know that “when you attack our friends, you will face serious consequences.””    Now…

The attack the U.S. government is talking about is one where…Russian former double agent, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia Skripal, were found unconscious on a bench in a shopping mall in Salisbury, England, on March 4, 2018.   Initially, Yulia was listed in critical condition but her condition was upgraded…a couple of days ago to non-critical.   Her dad remains in critical…but, stable condition.   O.k…

It turns out that they were poisoned, with a military-grade nerve agent, where Sherlock Holmes is sniffing…in the direction of Russia.  Russian prosecutors accused Skripal of flipping to help MI6…the Secret Intelligence Service for the United Kingdom, in the late 1990’s.  The Sun reported on 3/28/18 that Skripal… “…was charged with “high treason in the form of espionage” and was found guilty.  The former spy was sentenced to 13 years in prison after Russia claimed he was paid $100,000 to extract classified information and state secrets.  He pleaded guilty at his trial but was later one of the four prisoners Moscow swapped in 2010 for spies in the US.”   O.k…

Vladimir Putin sees Skripal as a dirty…rotten ass…traitor.  On March 9, 2018, the Guardian reported as follows… “Russian state television has warned “traitors” and Kremlin critics that they should not settle in England because of an increased risk of dying in mysterious circumstances. “Don’t choose England as a place to live. Whatever the reasons, whether you’re a professional traitor to the motherland or you just hate your country in your spare time, I repeat, no matter, don’t move to England,” the presenter Kirill Kleyme.”    Don’t you see???…  What the ^%$# does Al CaponeLucky LucianoBugs MoranJohn Gotti…have on Vladimir Putin???  NOTHING!  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  Their cut from the same damn cloth.  Sooooo….

(right – Photo credit: PA Wire)                How is the United Kingdom taking to this ‘gangsta’ shit happening on their soil???  On March 14, 2018, British Prime Minister Theresa May said to Parliament…

Mr Speaker, on Monday I set out that Mr Skripal and his daughter were poisoned with a Novichok: a military grade nerve agent developed by Russia.

Based on this capability, combined with their record of conducting state sponsored assassinations – including against former intelligence officers whom they regard as legitimate targets – the UK government concluded it was highly likely that Russia was responsible for this reckless and despicable act.

And there were only two plausible explanations.

Either this was a direct act by the Russian State against our country.

Or conceivably, the Russian government could have lost control of a military-grade nerve agent and allowed it to get into the hands of others.

Mr Speaker, it was right to offer Russia the opportunity to provide an explanation.

But their response has demonstrated complete disdain for the gravity of these events.

They have provided no credible explanation that could suggest they lost control of their nerve agent.

No explanation as to how this agent came to be used in the United Kingdom; no explanation as to why Russia has an undeclared chemical weapons programme in contravention of international law.

Instead they have treated the use of a military grade nerve agent in Europe with sarcasm, contempt and defiance.

So Mr Speaker, there is no alternative conclusion other than that the Russian State was culpable for the attempted murder of Mr Skripal and his daughter – and for threatening the lives of other British citizens in Salisbury, including Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey.

This represents an unlawful use of force by the Russian State against the United Kingdom.

And as I set out on Monday it has taken place against the backdrop of a well-established pattern of Russian State aggression across Europe and beyond.

It must therefore be met with a full and robust response – beyond the actions we have already taken since the murder of Mr Litvinenko and to counter this pattern of Russian aggression elsewhere.

As the discussion in this House on Monday made clear, it is essential that we now come together – with our allies – to defend our security, to stand up for our values and to send a clear message to those who would seek to undermine them.

This morning I chaired a further meeting of the National Security Council, where we agreed immediate actions to dismantle the Russian espionage network in the UK, urgent work to develop new powers to tackle all forms of hostile state activity and to ensure that those seeking to carry out such activity cannot enter the UK, and additional steps to suspend all planned high-level contacts between the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation.

Let me start with the immediate actions.

Mr Speaker, the House will recall that following the murder of Mr Litvinenko, the UK expelled four diplomats.

Under the Vienna Convention, the United Kingdom will now expel 23 Russian diplomats who have been identified as undeclared intelligence officers.

They have just one week to leave.

This will be the single biggest expulsion for over thirty years and it reflects the fact that this is not the first time that the Russian State has acted against our country.

Through these expulsions we will fundamentally degrade Russian intelligence capability in the UK for years to come. And if they seek to rebuild it, we will prevent them from doing so.

Second, we will urgently develop proposals for new legislative powers to harden our defences against all forms of Hostile State Activity.

This will include the addition of a targeted power to detain those suspected of Hostile State Activity at the UK border. This power is currently only permitted in relation to those suspected of terrorism.

And I have asked the Home Secretary to consider whether there is a need for new counter-espionage powers to clamp down on the full spectrum of hostile activities of foreign agents in our country.

Mr Speaker, as I set out on Monday we will also table a government amendment to the Sanctions Bill to strengthen our powers to impose sanctions in response to the violation of human rights.”

Now, this is how a leader of a country is suppose to respond when their country & its residents are attacked.  You respond with a multiple prong…approach.

O.k…   Even though the Trump administration has F-I-N-A-L-L-Y done this little bit…by expelling the 60 Russian Diplomats…that raggedy ass Donald Trump still refuses to directly confront Vladimir Putin…about interfering in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.  But, don’t yall worry none.   I GOT THIS!!!   Since Trump can’t do what his dumb ass should be doing…I’m responding to Putin, myself…in this letter…

Dear President Vladimir Putin:

First, I guess it’s only fair to tell you that I’m an angry Black woman with a bad attitude.  For the record, I think it genetic.  Yeah…that’s right.  Genetic.   I think my genes are very angry about the fact that my ancestors worked their asses off…A-N-D…we haven’t found the 3 acres & the mule…YET!!!  Shit…we haven’t even found ½ acre.   And, I checked.  I sure did.   I even checked out mid-west.  And, guess what???  All I saw was a big ass sign, saying… “If your Black & you came here looking for 3 acres & a mule…NO VACANCIES!!! Our hands are full enough…trying to throw out the illegals.  In other words, NO MORE ROOM!!!  So, carry your Black ass back to where you came from.  P.S… “Godspeed.”  So, what did I do???  I cussed out the sign, kicked up dirt on it…& told it to kiss my Black #@$%.  Then, I turned around & came back east side.    Anyhow…  Enough about me.  Just wanted to tell you a little about myself.   You know…to break the ice.  Well…

You’ve been BUSY…BUSY…BUSY!   Running that big, cold ass country…stealing Crimea from Ukraine…shootin’ down civilian planes…riggin’ elections…shootin’ people…poisoning people.   How do you manage it all??? How do you even keep all that shit straight…on a calendar???  Inquiring minds…want to know!   Anyway…

They are talkin’ about your ass…all over the news…24/7.  PUTIN!…PUTIN!…PUTIN!…is what they’re saying.   Now, I must tell the truth & shame the devil…   All of what’s being said…isn’t pleasant.  Nooooo…   Except, for Donald Trump…Americans seem a bit “salty” about you…right now.   And, as Trump put it… “It’s the Rusher…Trump…Russia thing.”   Yeah…I know…  Jesus teaches us to forgive but…people are having a hard got damn time…forgetting.  O.k…

In all of your “cheatin” & “murdering” & “swindling”…it probably wouldn’t have been so bad, if you hadn’t picked Donald Trump…to back in the 2016 election.  Yeah…  I think you picked the wrong dummy.  Man, you had a wide range of dummies to pick from…in the Republican primary.   Even with all of your election cheatin’ & shit…I don’t think Americans would have been so angry if you had even picked…that fat ass bully…Chris Christie.  Why didn’t you pick him???  He’s a lap dog.   Didn’t you see him with Trump???  He followed Trump around during the 2016 Presidential campaign…like Trump was a tasty bone.    O.k…  Here’s part of the problem that people are having with Trump…

Donald Trump…is vain as hell.   Yes…  His dumb ass can barely read…but, he’s got the nerve to be vain.   I heard the Professor of linguistics at Columbia University, John McWhorter, say that Donald Trump… “Is the sloppiest public speaker since the beginning of homo sapiens.”  Shit… you know what that means???   Cave men have him beat.  Cave men!!!  So, you see…  We have somebody who speaks worse than a cave man…SPEAKING…on behalf of America.  So…   Every time Americans have to listen to his dumb ass on tv speaking like he’s in the 2nd grade…we think of you…dear.  And, it’s not sweet nothings.   Even Republican Congressmen were overheard…pronouncing, through teary eyes… “Tell that thug ass Vladimir Putin that…pay back’s a bitch!!!”  So, their gunning for you, too…sweetie.   Yeah…from “sea to shining sea.” Now…

I’m not one to tell you how to run your country.  And, I’m not one for slinging mud, except on Mondays, Thursdays & every other Friday.  But, it seems like every time you turn around, somebody is kicking yall Russian asses…out of somewhere.  Shit…Obama jacked two of your properties & threw out 35 of your asses…back in December 2016.   At the rate that your going…the only place, besides Russia, that yall will be welcome… is Antarctica.   And, that’s because nobody else is there.  Something to think about.  Anyway…

You’ve also been busy…with your mmmhhh…   Don’t you hate it when you lose your words???   I’m sorry, but I’m just trying to figure out the word for when you … “pretend to have a legitimate Russian Presidential election when everyone in Russia knows it’s…not…because…it’s not.”   O.k… Here’s my point…   Why do you even bother???  You know…pretending to have elections & all.  It just seems like a waste of valuable time.  And, who in Satan’s hell…has time to waste.   Not, to give you a visual…but, I have trouble  trying to find the time to go pee.   I do.  So…  My thought is this…   Your running EVERYTHING in Russia…anyhow.   Soooo…   Why don’t you just make yourself “TSAR!!!”   It would save a lot of time & effort.  No more need for sham elections.   No more need for starry-eyed opponents to be jailed…shot…or poisoned.  No more criminal investigators coming out, pretending to be investigating…what they already know…you did.   Just a suggestion…

Now…  Somebody said that…somebody else said…that 60 of your diplomatic boys were told to “git”…out of  America.  I’m sorry for the informality used in our language, with you being a President & all…but, that’s how we carry it sometimes.  No harm intended.  I’ll translate it for you.  It basically means… “You better hurry up and get your asses out…before we shoot you.  And, we better not catch your asses tryin’ to sneek back in…after dark.”  That’s all…no big deal.  But, heads up…  Americans are some shootin’ ass some bodies.  So, just to be on the safe side…I would take heed.  Now…

I’m not one to prejudge but they said…that yalls asses need to be kicked out because of what Prime Minister Theresa May said you did.  You know… The poisoning stuff.   And, you know damn well…that no where in the bible does the Father say… “thou shall go forth & poison others.”  HELL NO!!!   The only poison that Americans are allowed to dispense, without S.W.A.T. dropping down on our asses…is D-Con.  That’s it & that’s all.  And, that’s for mice & NOT people.    Any other shit you try to put down…is a big ass…NO… NO!    Now…

If you know what you did…& you do, what is up with the defensive attitude???  I don’t understand…  I heard that yall said…that America telling you to “git”…was an “unfriendly attack.”  Unfriendly???  Attack???  The only people that I see that were attacked here…were the people that YOU…POISONED!  And, that’s for sure some… “unfriendly” shit.  Now…

I don’t know how spiritual you are…but, the rate your going, I’m concerned.   I AM!  I am concerned that the Heavenly Father is gonna light your ass up.   You see…   He too…does not take kindly when people go around trying to violate His law… of “Thou shalt not kill.” “Not”…is the operative term…here.   Well…

I guess I better let you go…you being busy & all.  Oh, yeah…  And, if you happen to speak to Lt. General Michael Flynn…  Tell his “Benedict Arnold” ass…I said… “hey.”


Iris R. Whiting ©


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