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So…Who Lied & Said That “The Mafia” Is Dead??? Dead My Ass!!!… Donald Trump’s Administration Just Tossed 60 Of Vladimir Putin’s Russian Diplomats Out of America…Because Russia Poisoned 2 Residents Of Salisbury, England. If That Ain’t Some Gangsta Shit…Then, I Don’t Know What Is!!!

December 16, 1985 – Gun fire echos through the air & Big Paul Castellano, boss of the Gambino crime family…drops to the ground.    It was a cold blooded execution…for the whole world to see. (right – photo courtesy

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U.S. GOVERNORS to SYRIAN REFUGEES… “Don’t Bring Your Muslim Asses Here– We Don’t Want You!” And, I say to you Governors… “Shame on You… You Heartless Devils!”


31 of the Governors in the United States, vehemently oppose letting syrianrefugeeboatsSyrian Refugees into their states.   This kind of talk is a result of the recent ISIS attacks in Paris.  The Governors’ announcements came after authorities revealed that

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Chris Christie: Chris Christie thinks he’ll be President. Now whose the dummy???

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Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey and one who is now running to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States.  I recently watched him give his announcement speech at his high school.    You know…he is not far …

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